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Big Thumb - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

When I held it dead straight and candidly in free
space; people thought I was being overwhelmingly rude
and cheeky,
When I sucked it passionately in my mouth; people
thought I was just an innocuously overgrown child;
unfit to exist in monotonous society,
When I curled it stubbornly to form a fist; people
thought I was in an invidiously wild mood to punch and
When I slanted it a trifle towards the left or right;
people thought I wanted a brazen and speedy lift,
When I pressed it ardently on scintillating white
paper after dipping it in sapphire pools of ink;
people thought that I was illiterate; didn't even know
how to prudently sign,
When I raised it above my shoulders for incessant
lengths of time; people thought that I gruesomely
stranded; wanted to abscond to more blissful places
than the eerie mist surrounding me,
When I folded it pathetically into boundless knots;
people thought that I was disdainfully maim;
endeavoring my best against crippled time,
When I tapped it relentlessly on the desk; people
thought that I was peevishly irritated; desired to be
left in immortal peace and all alone,
When I rubbed it voraciously across my armory of
teeth; people thought I had dropped freshly from the
rustic village; wasn't acquainted the slightest to
contemporary toothbrush and stringent paste,
When I hoisted it vivaciously towards my friends in
times of perilous examinations; people thought that I
was wishing my comrades all the very best,
When I probed it forward to sprinkle crimson vermilion
in the hair of my beloved; people thought I had tied
the nuptial thread; bonded myself into the swirl of
sacred marriage,
When I ominously hurled in sedate atmosphere; people
thought I had intentions of breaking somebody's nose;
waded back in petrified terror,
When I obnoxiously pointed it downwards towards black
mud; people thought I was in a mood to contemptuously
insult; ridicule sagacious entities to inconspicuous
When I caressed it on colossal slabs of white ice;
people thought that I trying to generate tremors of
inexplicable excitement in my languidly dreary
When I whole heartedly offered it to kids to play;
people thought that I was extremely philanthropic; had
this insatiable desire to help human kind,
When I twisted it fervently to capsize the pen; people
thought that I was in an uninhibited spree to write,
When I engulfed it wholesomely with colored gloves;
people thought that I was involved in heinous crimes;
was trying to surreptitiously sequester my trail of
vulnerable fingerprints,
When I feverishly bit it umpteenth number of times in
the day; people thought that I was encapsulated with
incomprehensible anxiety; was waiting for precarious
time to rapidly unveil,
When I held it intractably against my lips; people
thought I was trying to intimidate them into
brutalized silence,
When I amicably waved it towards the chair; people
thought that I instructing them to congenially sit and
relish in fantasy,
O! My God; although it was just a short stub of fat
flesh protruding from my palms; my big thumb was
really something to ponder about; my big thumb was
incredulously astounding. 

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