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Roses And Rainbows - Poem by John Knight

Because I am a 'Knight of the House of Lancaster' I was educated as an English Gentleman and taught the 'Language of Roses'. The colour of each rose carries a message and so - one sent a single perfect rose to the 'Lady of Your Dreams'. Depending on the circumstances of your ardour and the 'Social Circumstances' of the Lady, the correct selection of colour was crucial! As Men we needed to be taught. Our 'Ladies of the House of Lancaster', however, knew instinctively both the meaning and the message of this, the most fragrant token of Love.

Red is the colour of love and of passion
A red rose is direct in the love it conveys
Sending red roses is always in fashion
Its colour intense - in the memory stays!

So never hold back from sending this rose
If your intention is passion in love
Don't leave your love in a state of 'suppose'
Mean it and send it to your 'Precious Dove'.

Pink is the colour of sweetness and romance,
Pink has a spectrum of elegant hues
Pale pink is subtle - leaving nothing to chance
Deep pink - almost red - is the one I would choose!

Yellow is caring and friendship and joy
A rose that one sends as a prelude to love
From a Boy to a Girl - from a Girl to a Boy
Saying 'I need you' we're scheduled for love!

Orange a rose that speaks of desire
A juxtaposition twixt yellow and red,
To send it you're saying 'Oh Please Light my Fire'
Please be my soul-mate 'Oh please share my bed'!

Coral and Peach mean 'Love just out of reach'
Coral for joy - peach says 'My admiration'
And 'How much I miss you' - a message from each
These roses show care and much consideration!

A rose that is Mauve means 'Love at first sight'
So be careful to whom - you send it with care
To someone you love - sent from up above
An Angel Delight with stars in her hair!

A rose of pure white is a beautiful sight
Purity - innocence - virginal charm
So send it with care - and your troth you must plight
To get this sweet girl - up the ailse - on your arm!

When GOD made the ROSE - perfection he chose
Each petal created with love and with care
If your love is sincere - then send her a ROSE
Perfect LOVE in the scent of the ROSE you will share!

Dedicated to all the Lovely Roses in the PH Family and especially to one Perfect Rose!

(John Knight - Colchester - October 2009)

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