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A Flower To Auroville Mother-57 - Poem by Indira Renganathan

Campbell's Magnolia(Magnolia campbelli)

Cathcart's Magnolia(Magnolia cathcartii Alcimandra cathcartii,
Michelia cathcartii, Sampacca cathcartii)

Champa, Golden Champa(Magnolia champaca
Michelia champaca, Michelia rheedei, Champaca michelia)

Dwarf Magnolia(Cempaka Telur, Magnolia coco)

Temple Magnolia(Magnolia doltsopa)

Banana Shrub(Magnolia figo)
Magnolia(Southern magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora)

Magnolia, Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)

Egg Magnolia(Magnolia liliifera)

Lily Magnolia(Magnolia lilliflora)

White Champa, White Champak, Sambagam,
(Magnolia x alba, Michelia alba)

Saucer Magnolia(Magnolia x soulangiana)

Disparity is not His intention
For creation all beauty adorned
Painting different here and there
Passion His for colourful creation

So there Magnolia big and florescent
Champak white and yellow hale here
Cream and pink there purplish pale
Leaves large elliptic, oblong, obovate

Born are big blossoms there dignified
For His praises glorious colourful
Born are dwarf elsewhere fragrant high
For His praises in demand vast wide

'Deciduous Campbell magnolia
Bearing white or cream or pink scented flowers large
With oval leaves silky hairy one side when young

Cathcart's Magnolia with twigs velvety hairy
Leafing ovate with bract green basal to tepals
Tepals nine white with two inner whorled

Champa huge and tall taller
Yellow flowers fragrant with tepals lanceshaped
Pale yellow velvety hairy buds, twigs, petioles and leaves young

Dwarf Magnolia big in pots with small and fragrant flowers
open in the evening, the tepals falling by morning.
long flowering period providing indoor fragrance and color

Tall with twigs, buds, leaf-stalks and leaves
Underside with grayish white velvety hairs
Temple Magnolia With tepals white obovate

Banana Shrub ornamental with
Small sweet banana scented flowers
Pale yellow with waxy petals six

Southern Magnolia the best of fragrant
Dense and broadly with leaves thick and leathery
Flowering snow white velvety tepals huge

Egg shaped buds of Egg Magnolia
Opens to fragrant yellowish off-white flowers
with large velvety leaves ornamental

Rounded deciduous Lily magnolia with Leaves large
Flowering fragrant pink to purplish goblet
In spring and occasionally through the summer

A hybrid ornamental and medicinal white Champa
Fragrant white flowers with tepals ten lanceshaped
Elliptic leaves and branches perfume when crushed

Small and deciduous Saucer Magnolia
Multi-trunked with leaves elliptical flowering
White, pink, purple, large, cup-like fragrant'

So not at all disparity His intention
On par all Magnolias with each other
Magnolias all.. pretty beautiful of His creation

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