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Poem - Poem by SeRgIoN (Hate Me)

unimagined undreamed unthought incidents
memories of life's ' sweet' n' ' sour' events
different circumstances what we faces
'feelings' of our life's various stages

'expression' we do with the right decision
'creation' we make with our own imagination
about all 'love' 'frenship'&' happiness'
and those of ' departure''sorrows'& sadness'
the feelings about ' hurt' and ' pain'
with feelings of ' success' and ' gain'

a group of 4 letter(s)
'inside' it we includes to be ' better'
different title we put on it's name
that increase and earns it's ' fame'
more we try to make it ' good'
hope readers gets the positive ' mood'

it's a ' PoeM' that we creates
it's a 'PoeM' inside we express
a simple word people loves it
a simple word people likes it
'PoeM' that we call it
' PoeM' that we say it

it's being created since past
will be continuing till future
it'll be there amoung different generation
will be till ' last' life's ' origination'
a simple word known as 'PoeM'
never ending evergreen word ' PoeM'
everlasting evergreen word ' PoeM'

a simple word known as 'PoeM'...
never ending evergreen Poem
everlasting.....evergreen...a...word....' PoeM...'

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