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Prose In Defence Of Poetry. - Poem by Hardik Vaidya

I have chosen to post in pathetic prose after reading two vital and important posts on the face book version of poemhunter which deal on the apparent demise of poetry in schools. It is a shame that prose had to come to the rescue of poetry. Perhaps no greater tyranny was committed on Mother Earth. Poetry is music of the soul. It needs to be enjoyed. It is a powerful instrument which gives us the tools to think in the abstract hyperspace of our minds which is not numerical in structure. It is a machine which helps us explore us first, and us last. Just as mathematics is to science poetry is to the languages. It would take a duffer worse than the worst humanity has known to not understand this and question the need of poetry. What me must appreciate and learn from blunders of the past, is to not fire bullets and bombs of poetry on children. Poetry is not for memorisation. Poetry is for enjoyment. Poetry is for discussion. Poetry is not written, not meant, at least at the school level for examination. The moment you examine, try and determine and ask a child how beautiful is a rosé, how lovely is sunrise, how warm is mom's love, and how sweet is the taste of Chocolate you will kill the poet in the child and with that our civilisation, because we will move from small Adults to Large Adults, we will be a world without children, and a world of Adults who won't have a single poem in their lives to give them that one precious thing which poetry has given to mankind since the birth of the first poem - Hope.

Comments about Prose In Defence Of Poetry. by Hardik Vaidya

  • Gold Star - 50,061 Points Roseann Shawiak (4/14/2013 10:26:00 PM)

    You are totally correct and I can identify with your poem wholeheartedly. In eighth grade we were made to memorize one of two poems - I did: I must go down to the sea again.... Poetry was the love of my life and making me memorize that poem and recite it about killed me and my love of poetry. That's when I started
    writing poetry constantly, because I didn't want to have to memorize any of it, just enjoy the music of it.
    Examining a poem is like doing an autopsy - not enjoyable at all. Getting lost in it's depths, it's music and rhythm is sublime joy. Thank you for making it clear for everyone, you are a novelty, well versed. Love it! (Report) Reply

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