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There's Many Worse Off Than Me - Poem by Francis Duggan

I was feeling quite dejected in the mood for self sympathy
Pondering on my poor existence on the fringe of poverty
Till the sight of an old fellow sleeping by an elm tree
Made me realize I'm lucky there's many worse off than me.

Sleeping on the damp grass without a blanket wearing tattered clothes and torn shoes
If one had a magic genie his type of life one would not choose
Long gray hair looking dishevelled he was looking the worst for wear
With his mouth wide open snoring in the chilly morning air.

In a World where some have too much it seems a human tragedy
That so many far too many live in abject poverty
Even in park by a wealthy suburb a poor old fellow sleeping rough
In a so called egalatarian society that hardly seems good enough.

And it galls me just a little to hear some say that one like him does have a choice
The only free things such people offer is their useless words of free advice
One thing I find about these people is that they do differentiate
Of the social divide they are supporters and they know how to discriminate.

For myself I was feeling sorry but I was jolted back to reality
By the sight of a poor man sleeping on the damp grass by a tree
Without even a single blanket for to protect him from the cold
There doesn't seem much of a future for one Homeless, frail and old.

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