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Promise To Fulfill. - Poem by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

Half portion of his country promised
While attaining the freedom to rule
The legitimate turn and crown when gets
The prince Drupada promised to wipe out
The poverty of best friend Drona
The great student friend of the prince
But was in penury and poverty stricken
Years passed things changed and Drupada the King
The Poor Drona still continued in penury
And someone reminded the friendship and promise
To meet the new king and to get the wishes fulfilled
Why you are in penury while he is the friend
The amazing wealth, power, and country in hands
Reluctant the Drona somehow managed to go
And meet the friend for a solution
To keep his pot boiled with best food
And to feed the little one so poor and hungry
When he reached the palace obstacles were many
Some how managed to visit the King
Before all the old friend have a deaf ear and blind eye
And when got the attention introduced himself
Revered King, I was your student friend
In student days we played hide and seek
I revealed the secrets of joy of win and warfare
The bow and arrow you learned from me
And promised to wipe out my poverty when time comes
The time is ripe now and if you can help
The careless King asked friend what friend and where
Only friend in equal status that matters
If you want some thing to eat and carry with you
Ask for the same and leave the palace
The poor gentleman left the palace with curses
Sometime when I get a suitable disciple
And fit to fight well with you my King
I will revenge no doubt that i can
Years passed the Learned teacher of Pandavas
The same Dronacharya got the best and fit disciple
Arjuna the Best archer used his bow and arrow
And himself a sound and fit warier enough to fight
The enemy in any warfare with rival Kings
He politely asked what I have to offer my dear teacher
In place of your teachings and great lessons
That made me to gain fame, and glory in wars
No doubt go and take the King Drupada as captive
And bring before me the scoundrel for ingratitude
And negligence of a beautiful and noble friend
Arjuna with his friends promptly and easily defeated
And made captive of the King Drupada
Carried and put before the learned teacher Drupada
And Drupada asked for forgiveness for his fault
And promptly informed his promise to fulfill
Half portion of country and and wealth is for you
Leave me with my life for the present
Drona Pious teacher and noble character
Told in return now we are equal in terms of wealth
But I do not want your worldly wealth at all
But Know education and empowerment is connected
And try to abide by the promise and truth always
And become a good and fair King for your subjects.

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