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Poems About: POWER

In this page, poems on / about “power” are listed.

  • 181.
    A Tower Name

    The Lord’s name
    Power name
    A tower name
    A strong name read more »

    Obed Akuma
  • 182.
    take away

    Take away the pain that surrounds my life.
    Take away the life that surrounds my pain.
    The power of the rivers are melested.
    The power of the air has been harnest. read more »

    simon bear
  • 183.
    The Power Of The Key

    Very small its size may be
    So is its dwelling place where it is slotted
    But it secures its vicinity
    And that is the power of the key read more »

    okeme james
  • 184.
    Write it all

    Expressing what you feel
    since when it's much of a deal
    since when it's wrong
    since when it's something we fear read more »

    Hakima Smaili
  • 185.
    Let's Power Our Wish

    Let's power our wish thro' Sankara prophesy,
    Divining sacred-self, killing ego malady.
    Let's power our wish thro' Chanakya pledge,
    Capturing the center, digging out edge. read more »

    Ramesh Anand
  • 186.
    Each day

    Each day my heart is less and less mine. 
    Each day that passes my heart is only yours to find.
    With every look every touch I lose it more Everytime. read more »

    Your Pusha
  • 187.
    Forever and a day

    Forever and a day
    It sounds like a long time
    But the thought that it'll never end
    Is no longer mine read more »

    Noah Body
  • 188.
    Writing In Purgatory

    in Jakarta
    Indonesia read more »

    Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)
  • 189.
    You have no power over me

    You might think you have
    absolute power over me...
    by slamming the gate in my face,
    you only confine me read more »

    Ronel O'Reilly
  • 190.
    The Power of Love

    Love leaves no preference,
    Love seeks no alternative,
    Love is a natural choice;
    It’s the power of love that, read more »

    Sanjeev Kumar
  • 191.
    ...You deverse all the best

    This life is yours
    take the time and the power
    to choose what you want to do
    and do it it well. read more »

    Oussama samouna
  • 192.
    Big Power

    Everyone have a dreaming
    A dreaming to be a scientist
    A scientist which will be memorized all the time
    All the time and even until come the doomsday read more »

    Somahadi Hadi
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