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A Parent's Footprints - Poem by Randy McClave

A parent doesn't like someone because they say that they sin
But, the child knows the truth, it is because the color of their skin,
Then they curse someone else because of a thought or a quotation
But, is it that or is it because of their belief and or denomination.
Our country treacherously has been hurt many times before
Just look and read in our history books about slavery, greed and war,
They will criticize and judge people because they are nothing like them
Is it because of that, or maybe because it's a she and not a him.
The parent will start making up stories just to give someone a black eye
You then know that in their heart there is a hatred and all they say is a lie,
But, they are your parents and sadly their footsteps you must follow
Your beliefs and your convictions like a bad pill, you must then swallow.
You become a racist and a bigot from your parents own teachings
They were instrumental in your growth from their hatred and their preachings,
When the child becomes an adult they will look upon the world with new eyes
Everyone that they will meet now, they will quickly and easily characterize.
They will judge others by their race, their creed and even their gender
The hatred taught to them by their parents they accepted and did surrender,
One day they too will be parents with their very own children to raise
Will their children be taught hate and lies or will they learn of equality and praise.
Someday children will raise their closed fists for both prejudice and hate
I see their parents in the shadows, so proud of the children that they did create,
Hate, evil, prejudice and bigotry and all forms of violent aggression
Parents create the footsteps, and their beliefs design the impression.

Randy L. McClave

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