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Poems About: PRIDE

In this page, poems on / about “pride” are listed.

  • 313.

    Stabbing jeers
    Piercing lies
    No one would look me in the eye read more »

    Anders Lim
  • 314.
    ! ...MARTYRDOM

    (Dedicated to the Mumbai Terror attack victims and martyrs who laid their lives down with pride!) read more »

    Seema Aarella
  • 315.
    Loosing in life

    A bridge of sadness on desires
    no support to endless pride
    no faith on help less glory read more »

    M.. ROHITH
  • 316.
    Kite Girl

    Up across a hill is where she lay
    Thinking about what she would do for the rest of her day
    Her imagination wandered and her thoughts oscillated
    She really didn't want to be isolated read more »

    Nidal Yazan
  • 317.
    Once Upon a Time

    The past calls out
    Memories cry silent in the night
    The minds clear, hearing with out doubt
    Who is wrong or who is right read more »

    Patricia Gale
  • 318.
    Realities Odor

    To walk along and feel the breeze of newly scented pride.
    What's that?
    A draft of wind,
    In short it shall subside. read more »

    William Douglas Rodenberg
  • 319.

    Native American Pride
    They always came to us with a bribe
    Wrong and misunderstood
    They took our hood read more »

    Sylvia Dise
  • 320.
    Palestine (My Country)

    Roses are red
    Palestinians are brown
    That's my race
    so don't let it down read more »

    RiRi S...
  • 321.
    THIEF! ! !

    You are a thief
    Thief from bones and soul
    Thief till dust and ash read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 322.

    A time for pride
    Feeling so satisfied
    My life-my art
    May we never part... read more »

    Romeo Della Valle
  • 323.
    who is mightier

    there was fight between two heavy weights
    i am pride of many warriors
    i am sign of bravery
    i am used to protect people read more »

    rohan bendre
  • 324.
    Lion Roars Again

    The lion never roars without a cause
    Dawn breaks with the pride on the paws
    In the wild go the hungry jaws
    Courage and speed leaves no flaws read more »

    Jayram Daya
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