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  • 97.
    Little Susan

    Air -- "The Pride of Caldair"

    Once there was a little girl
    And her friends loved her dear --
    Her parents loved their little one,
    She did their hearts cheer.
    They loved their little darling,
    As with them she did roam,
    They called her little Susan,
    The pride of their home.

    Blue eyes had little Susan,
    And light flaxen hair,
    And she was a pleasant child to see,
    So beautiful and fair.
    With her parents she will never more
    On earth with them roam --
    They loved their little Susan,
    The pride of their home.

    Her parents had more children,
    There were nine of them all --
    There are eight of them living,
    For God but one called.
    The flower of their family
    God called to his home,
    It was their little Susan,
    The pride of their home.

    Her friends will not forget her,
    Though she died years ago --
    It was John H. Moore's daughter,
    Her age was four years old.
    She is waiting in heaven,
    Waiting for her friends to come
    And be with their little Susan,
    The pride of their home. read more »

  • 98.
    Beginning of destruction

    pride it’s all your fault
    Pride it’s all your fault we in this mess
    Pride it’s all your fault we are suffering
    Pride it’s all your fault people are shedding blood read more »

  • 99.

    Pride is the solder protecting our homes
    Pride is-
    The look in a heros eyes read more »

  • 100.
    Climbing Trees (Haiku)

    read more »

  • 101.

    I Like Myself
    Public Awareness
    Old People read more »

  • 102.
    Army Wife

    Waiting every night
    For an ominous phone call
    Resenting waking up alone in the night
    Swollen with pride read more »

  • 103.
    Ludicrous vanity

    Admittedly encircled
    By His might
    Yet we appeal
    To hubris and pride read more »

  • 104.

    When the bright pollens of gold
    Lie scattered on the lawn,
    Like icicles of fire, Faith, Hope, Pride
    Jump in joy, play on the guitar read more »

  • 105.
    Peacock, triolet

    Taken from rainbow colors of your wing,
    silken feathers; symbol of pride and glory.
    Fly with hop, can't stay long in the wind,
    taken from rainbow colors of your wing. read more »

  • 106.
    Circling Pride

    Swallowing pride and stomping on egos of pride, circles
    and pivots in arms of our minds, as we try to become
    humble in our lives. read more »

  • 107.
    O effigy of pride! You human are!

    O effigy of pride! You human are!
    In every limb and bone, there, there,
    As you walk, there’s pride, emerges
    It. read more »

  • 108.
    The life with fortunes is inconsistent!

    Caressing amiable relatives, extensive wealth,
    pleasing beauty and the pride of high breed shall come
    along while the Goddess of fortune comes in your favor! read more »

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