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Purple Silk - Poem by Paula Glynn

Purple silk caresses my skin like butter,
It is like the richest, darkest chocolate,
Wicked, yet magical, touches that soothe,
My skin soft to the touch,
As purple silk lets you win,
For you are like the sweetest candy to me,
You are like sugar: so sweet,
And every night, I wait for your return,
Myself having worked my fingers to the bone,
But you are my only one,
You matter more to me than the summer sun,
Because it doesn't matter to me if it is winter:
All that matters is that you are here,
Keeping me in your heart and me keeping you near,
I just know we were born equal,
For this is our spirit and our destiny,
A magical, flower filled path that we are walking along,
For together we are one: we are strong,
And we brave those storms,
That threaten to take us from the warm,
And leave us alone and destitiute,
But we are together and together we hold on,
Purple silk covering our kingsize bed,
As we renew our vows with a kiss,
And treasure this true love for always,
Our love as rich as pure gold.

Purple silk carresses my skin,
Like the richest, most luxurious cream,
And I feel the summer night breeze,
Against my beautifully, made-up face,
That smiles with real happiness,
For I have a new lover,
That I wear beautiful purple silk for,
And I lie there, naked on the bedroom floor,
The clock striking midnight,
The party not over for us,
For I have found true love,
Where kisses are so sweet,
And touches that leave me fizzy,
Because I am drunk on his love and am dizzy,
And I care about the world I live in,
And the opinions of people who live here,
In this place, this life, this time,
And he is magical, truly mine,
Like the moon and the stars of the night sky,
I treasure him like gold from a treasure chest,
And for him I do my best,
To build us a happy home,
Where we live in harmony,
And share a closeness so rare,
Like the most beautiful red ruby,
And I wear his gold wedding ring,
His beauty so great that lovers sing,
Because he lives deep inside my heart,
Purple silk for magical nights,
The room glowing from the light of the moon,
For we belong together; our bodies joining together,
And he stars in my realm of dreams,
And he is the hero in this movie scene,
So close to my heart, I cannot desert him,
And together we tackle our lives,
And deal with harsh, grey days,
Waiting for darkness to fall,
So we can be together again, for we fit,
Like the lace and silk of any garment,
That lovers share,
My skin electric with excited sweat,
And lovely shivers go through my bones,
For tonight I carress your skin with purple silk,
Our clothes discarded on the bedroom floor,
The only light being cast like magic from the moon.

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