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I Discover The World In India - Poem by Bhupen Thakker

red vermillion streaked hair
a red wattled lapwing
orange, same time each day, sunrises and sunsets
yellow and black taxi colours, yellow temple flags, bright yellow confectionery shops, yellow bright fragrant perfume shops
green lush city pot plants, green lush country side
light blue warm skies, light blue cool cabs
indigo blue dupattas, turbans
navy blue trains, absence of starchy navy blue suits
sexy, pink, curved, massive majestic palaces, pink film posters
gold and glass chhum chhummy bangles
one purple TV happily watched by hundreds of labourers, purple crow sounds
gold chhum chhummy payals
white nehru jackets, pyjamas and kurtas, white cracking paint on grand old victorian buildings, white floor seating
I discover

white clear eyes, white teeth behind white greetings
gold namastes
purple glee at fairs, purple glee when trying new technology and at receiving smallest of gifts
gold helping hands
many pink smiles
navy blue restful sleep on pavements, on roof terraces
indigo blue uniforms on giving railway porters
light blue singing on pavements, in big halls
limitless sincere green hospitality
endless yellow courtesy and welcomes
orange early morning school uniforms and school bags
an orange headed minla
red eyed hard working farmers and labourers
the world

red rose petals in idol garlands, red rose petals at feet of idols
orange marigolds and sadhus, orange sacred cows
yellow rose petals in idol garlands, at feet of idols
a yellow eurasian golden eriole
green mango leaf awnings at entrances
light blue shiny clothes for deities, light blue ganges, light blue yamuna, light blue ceremonies
indigo blue in ancient temple and church paintings, indigo blue in contemporary art , indigo blue art and artists everywhere
navy blue backdropp in Shree Nathji's haveli
pink garlands on shiv lings, pink stained rice in flower formations on pooja tables
gold crowns for goddesses and gods
purple checks on worship lungis
gold ornaments on idols in gold temples, gold borders on worship saris
white churches, brahmins clad in white, stirring orators in white, ancient white stone sculptures and carvings
in India

white barfi, white lassi, white raw and crunchy radishes
gold basundi, gold masala dosas, gold pani puris
purple decorations on diwali sweets
gold butter on hot chapattis, gold alfonso mangoes
pink faloodas
navy blue seating at street eateries
indigo blue burps of satisfaction
light blue cool choice of drinks
green cardamon in paan, green pistachios in shrikhand, green coconuts on street corners, fresh green vegetables sold in small portions
a green headed red billed leothrix, a green blue throated barbet, a green bee eater
yellow ladoos, yellow potato curries, yellow dhall
orange jalebis, orange tandoors, dark orange tamarind
red saffron tints
I discover the world in India

red sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa
orange shlokas
yellow ghazals
green soft flute by Shree HP Chaurasia
light blue modern bollywood songs, light blue ragas
a light blue touched hooded pitt, a light blue tailed rose ringed parakeet
indigo blue old bollywood songs
navy blue moods in Kathak, navy blue Shree Zubin Mehta
pink santoor
gold sitar, golden tabla beats, golden dholak beats
purple choruses
gold glowing moods in processions
white raas garbas, white bhangra

white snatches of awareness, white holy days, white fasting days, white cricket love
gold bands at weddings
purple hymns on busy commuter buses
gold shehnai
pink sounds of evenings in alleys and chowks
navy blue smiles amidst monsoon puddles, some bad roads and occasional traffic chaos
indigo blue musical and sometimes irritating mobile phone tones
an indigo blue headed chaffinch
light blue announcements on radio, TV, railway stations and airports
green thrashing sounds to get sugar cane juice
yellow samosa frying sounds
orange car, taxi and auto rickshaw horns
red foot steps of Bharat Natyam

red innocence in red and gold bridal saris
orange cheekiness in children
somehow, old yellow and modern yellow activity from within
green orphanages, green bright mansions and slick green apartment blocks
light blue smiles even in adversity, light blue modern highways
indigo blue repose in the noise
navy blue prevailing hope and optimism, navy blue long nailed classical princes, a navy blue red flanked bluetail
pink blessings from elderly women
gold landscape, turrets, towers
purple modern malls, purple small markets, purple industry
gold efforts of rickshaw drivers, taxi drivers, maids, shop assistants, railway workers, dhobi wallahs, small market vendors, liftmen, waiters, cooks, barbers, bollywood extras and so many others
a gold flaked tawny owl
white existence, white commitment, white taj mahal, white himalayas
I discover the world in India

white meditation techniques
gold yoga
purple ayurveda
a purple necked rock pigeon
gold chants
pink grace at every temple
a pink billed ibisbill
navy blue yogis in forests
indigo blue laughter and chat
light blue Shree Rabindranath Tagore
green sense of culture and literature
yellow Shree Vyasaji’s Bhagvad Gita
orange Shree Vyasaji’s Mahabharata
red hope through the dust and fumes

red speed, red drive
strong orange family ties
yellow sense of balance
green approach and life
light blue communication
indigo blue clarity, indigo blue incense sticks
navy blue elegance
pink power of achievement
gold substance, gold temple bells, gold aartis, gold honour
a gold bottomed orange bellied leafbird
purple synchronisation
gold focus, moving cymbal sounds
white real ease, white bowing and touching feet
a dancing multi coloured peacock
I discover the world
in India
I discover the world
in India
I discover

reading note- there are words you may not understand. I recommend web searches for these as then you will have your own Indian journey

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