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Reba - Poem by Susan Drozda Cooper

The soft dusty ground, felt good
to her barefeet.
Around her black hair, was a violent
Red scarf.
She squinted her yellow-green eyes
To see how far she had traveled.
Her name was Reba.
She was going to see The Holy Man.

For one week she walked, in and out
Of the silent valleys.
A hawk followed her, giving his beckoning
High call.
The sky darkened into a purple and orange
She slept around her tiny fire, curled up coyote

Ascending up the mountain path, through the cold
Narrow fern-lined streams, from which she
Sipped, she stopped.
She saw a pointed topped hut.
A great storm was coming and darkened the sky.
The small hut seemed to glow and shimmer.

Next to this building was a narrow waterfall with
A large, carved wooden seat beside it.
She sat down to wait.
Soon Reba heard small, high noted bells ringing from
The door opened.

The Holy Man was small in height with a small, domed,
Hair-less head.
He wore a bright purple cloak.
His barefeet were beautifully adorned with small gold bells.
“Welcome to the end of your journey Reba.”
We went inside.

The fragrance was a mystery to Reba….oranges, honeysuckle,
And Cedar sap, ? ? ? ? She could not decide.
The Holy Man motioned her to sit, facing him.
Between them was a large, shallow stone bowl shimmering
With clear water.
He told her the water it held, was from the Spring of Truth.

Reba asked..May I ask why I came to you? I awoke one morning and began
My journey without knowing why.
I beckoned you Reba…The Holy Man replied.
My heart is so full of joy that you called me.. But I still do not
Understand, why me? ..Reba said.
You will know… He said.

The Holy Man motioned her to follow. They climbed up the mountain
To a spring.
Never before had Reba seen such a spendour!
The waters circled over tiny crystals. In the center
Of the spring sprung up a ten foot crystal that
Refracted its prisms of light throughout the water.
She began to weep.

Reba looked up at The Holy Man. The prismed
Light went right through him! ! ! !
He said… Reba, look at yourself.
The same with me! ! ! ! ! She cried.
Yes, it is time… he said.

The Holy Man led her back to his hut.
Now, I can be certain… Reba….. It is you that they will seek…
For I must go.
Her being began to vibrate.
But the thousands of people come to see The Holy Man..Reba
Said softly.

Do you remember all of your past miracles Reba? The people
Who experienced them while with you? It is because you are
A Holy Woman…. The Holy Man explained.
How do you feel Reba? He asked.

Reba said softly…I feel as though I am filling up with light. I have no
Remorse about leaving my life as it was. I would have
Thought I would feel differently than that.

What is it that you feel compelled to do now, Reba? The Holy Man asked.

Reba dipped her hand in the spring water that was in the stone bowl.

Hundreds of Prisms flew around their heads. Many settled around Rebas
Hair to form a crystal crown.
When she looked up The Holy Man was gone. Just his purple robes and the
Tiny gold bells remained.
She put them on.


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