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Erace - Poem by Mark Rivera

How I hate
When people chose not to vote
Like why did we have
The Civil Rights movement?
So you could sit at home
And complain how the wrong
Man won that race
So many people fought
ERACING the lines
That other's dare not cross
Just so you could have a voice
That you could use to make a choice-
How I hate when people
Of color and others
Use the 'N' word
As if most of them knew
Where it came from
How they should ERACE that word
From their vocabulary
That once mocked their ancestral family
And when others from another race
Use it- it's not a matter of usage right
But why continue that 'White Hate'?
Did you know that the origin of the 'N' word
Is Latin-
Yes indeed because I did my research
And even before that
I opposed the use of that demeaning term-
How I hate
That racism still plagues
Over our society
Like a cloudy sky
That won't let the sun shine
And even in these times
People are refused jobs,
Because of the shade of their skin
How people should be made
Color blind
If thats what it takes
To ERACE the hate
And those who
How I hate
That even after some many years
After all those
Marches to ERACE
All that wronged our society
We still must deal with the ignorance
Of so many around us
And that's not to discredit
All the progress made
But facts are facts
And until that 'hateful mentality' isn't
ERACED from those minds
The cycle of racism and hatered
Will still arise

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