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Poems About: RACISM

In this page, poems on / about “racism” are listed.

  • 121.
    Barack Obama

    President of the United States of America
    Intelligent, Good-hearted, Nice, Determined
    Lover of the flag, Michelle, America
    Who believes in equality, freedom, and peace read more »

    Gurpiar Sidhu
  • 122.

    read more »

    Devin Weseen
  • 123.
    execution's list

    ohh, , on that list

    an execustion for whom carry the hot blood of the east
    the degnity, the pride, the justice for the least read more »

    TaMaRa HaNaRiNg ,(((( PaLeSTiNe))))FreedOm Flottila .
  • 124.

    We are born to live
    But we live to die
    I've never stooped so low
    as to smoke to get high read more »

    Ryan Arthur Walker
  • 125.
    Universe Is Mine

    i look at the star and dreamed that
    universe was mine
    the many things i would do to make
    things better for all read more »

    Aiyanna Ortiz
  • 126.
    A black and a white dog

    Their different but they still smell their buts
    Racism doesn’t exist in the animal kingdom
    They just enjoy the sun and the green grass
    They just enjoy being together read more »

    Edi Miszti
  • 127.
    The Blindfold On The Statue Of Justice

    Sometimes the blindfolds
    the statue of justice wears..
    are those of racism, human
    chauvinism, obedience to read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 128.
    A Fair Go For All Is Something We Should Embrace

    For every Nationality and every race
    A fair go for all is something we should embrace
    A fair go for everyone of every creed
    The right to a fair go everyone does need read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 129.
    Karl Marx

    Karl Marx,
    advocate of force
    in overthrowing capitalism... read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 130.
    Racism, its alive and kicking

    Normally i woudn't write this
    But people are taking a pisss
    Writing poetry with imperialist zest
    Proving their inborn mentality as racist read more »

    Vikram G. Aarella
  • 131.
    Standing Out Reality

    I'm living in a civilized nation
    Seeing true colours of cultural chime

    Black or blue white too read more »

    ter gar
  • 132.
    All Across The Nation

    All Across The Nation,
    Is Hunger And Starvation.

    All Across The Nation, read more »

    James Lee Watts
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