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Cloudy Veils - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

Heat no more you wild sun nor beat a more you rusty moon
Where thou art oh caressing breeze?
Bless abode with thy presence; else heat kill further than lamp light
And come with companion, gentle drizzle
That deigns rags and drain vein of lethargy
Oh that quiet rain, shall my gain be, make thee fain not with thy feign
But come lain my lane with thy bliss, and ease soul into slumber

Oh cold night, frost not my blood nor deafen my ear with thy noise
Wane gently quite rain
The heat is slain, and victory is won, rejoice gently thy drums on my roof
Wane away rain
The heart unite the body in shiver, victory is won, revel no further in mine verandah
Wane sweet rain
Oh gentle rain, what dost thou do?
Shall make a sea of our earth?
Oh rain, my roof thy gulp while merry
Oh rain, my harvest thy spoil while dance
Oh gentle rain, what possesses thee?

Abstain oh noisy rain with thy bane, thy cane and thy drums of doom,
Abstain and beat no further this pane for thy pain,
Nor smite more with thy plight
Oh noisy rain abstain

Abstain oh noisy rain, enough has gluttony mouth swallowed, enough has split gut spit
Abstain and flood no further' this ranch house,
Nor deluge further, for your foulest is seen
Oh noisy rain abstain

Abstain oh noisy rain, the kids have escaped your torrent, they hid now in deep sea
Abstain and give nor take further,
Nor soothe evil furthest
Abstain this madness oh noisy rain abstain

Oh noisy rain abstain I warn
Find the flighty mighty oceans and weep atop your agony oh noisy rain
Shall the graves bother with thy high tides, the flood?
Shall the cathedral not spare, Gods only home?

White lightly clouds! Forsake this noisy rain,
Let not your dark cloud aid it further
Brightly nightly stars and ye trite sun, save self from perish;
Spit away this venom' noisy rain bite
Ignite truly with thy light
Incite with thy might
Dight I with thy merciful sight I plead
And heat more you beautiful sun, you young moon

Rain no further, you hostile torrent nor whoosh a more you gale
Where thou art oh orderly sun?
Bless hilltop your presence; else rain devours hill
And come with companion' beautiful moon
That absorbs rags of sweats and drains quivers of havoc
Oh that warm sun, shall my gain be, make thee fain with thy feign
And come fashion path mine through this endless waters of sweetness wrapped

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