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Poems About: RAIN

In this page, poems on / about “rain” are listed.

  • 133.

    on my window
    on the ground read more »

    Frances May
  • 134.
    One Sweet Rain

    Rain is my teardropp from sky’s glass castles
    From heaven it comes to your hands, it slides
    It lets you seek white clouds and up the sky
    Brush lashes, wipe eyes, each time you cry read more »

    rose flores rosevoc2
  • 135.
    Let It Rain

    Let it rain, let it rain
    On the wintry withered earth
    Let the rain take away the pain
    From my weary heart read more »

    Arunesh Goswami
  • 136.
    Rain one solutary night

    Oh, rain a midnight pour in unrelenting persistence, nothing but the wild falling rain
    On this bleak isolated hut, where suffocating solitude reigns grasps and rules read more »

    Nero CaroZiv
  • 137.
    Horizontal Rain

    It is the horizontal rain
    Passing through this world of pain
    That supports our very frame
    Assembled from galactica read more »

    Egal Bohen
  • 138.
    Rains Of March

    Pretty rains fall Downpour to give life To us and to the thirsty lands around us, We love rains that fall In any read more »

  • 139.
    Oh Rain

    Sitting in the rain

    Please god let me forget this pain read more »

    Amy Stuart
  • 140.
    A Rain To Remember!

    Rain lashed out with lightning and thunder!
    For every lightning phone also rang without fail!
    It continued till I switched off light and went to bed! read more »

    Ramesh T A
  • 141.
    Ethereal Touch

    It’s raining
    It is enrapturing rain
    Raining incessantly
    Coupled with lightening read more »

    Soumita Sarkar Ray
  • 142.
    Tonight's A Great Night

    Tonight's a great night it is raining the first heavy rains of the Fall
    The first heavy rains since last Winter the farmers rejoice one and all
    The drought it may well not be over but 'tis good to hear the patter of the rain
    Falling on the galvanize iron and gurgling down the shoot to the drain, read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 143.
    In the rain

    In the rain
    cold and alone
    my soul sold
    in the rain read more »

    Hannah Williams
  • 144.
    The Rain: A Song Of Peace

    The Rain, the Rain, the beautiful Rain-
    Welcome, welcome, it cometh again;
    It cometh with green to gladden the plain, read more »

    Denis Florence MacCarthy
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