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Poems About: RAIN

In this page, poems on / about “rain” are listed.

  • 217.

    The rain thrashes onto the cobbled street,
    People dash into there houses, read more »

    Ellie Giles
  • 218.
    4 Modern

    Wet dog
    Looks into a rain pool
    Contemplative read more »

    oskar hansen
  • 219.
    waiting of love

    Summer knows
    Rain will not come
    Still it waits for rain
    Earth loves rain read more »

    Suguna Prasad Kalvala
  • 220.

    read more »

    Amber Lynn
  • 221.
    Rain And Enchilada

    Rain And Enchilada

    it was raining
    she ate enchilada read more »

    Suchoon Mo_
  • 222.
    Healing Rains

    Acetonal acrid eyes
    Rheum stinging cries
    Healing rains arise read more »

    JoJo Bean
  • 223.

    Rain surrounds you
    It kisses your cheeks
    And you imagine
    The rain read more »

    Anne Lacy
  • 224.
    Always Walk In The Rain With Me

    Always walk in the rain with me,
    Hold my hand tight so I don’t fall,
    I’m so scared of slipping away, read more »

    Debbie Nicholson
  • 225.
    When It Rains

    When it rains, eyes got blurred it roll on my cheecks if i shed tears i shed my pain when it rains i feel that pain wat u gave me runs through my veins u stab my heartbroke me apart still i miss u when it rains. Leaving me alone snatching my smile it kills me n wit kills me again when it rains u hit my love deep in my wound when u betrayd wat did u gain every drop pearce dose moments when we loved it was rain i cry n cry live my pains it always happens when it rains. read more »

    dr.Neha gupta the POEMLOVER
  • 226.

    Rains have become rare even in monsoon times!
    Especially our town though a coastal one it's true.
    Unless some depression is formed over the sea
    Whatever be the season no rain can be expected here! read more »

    Ramesh T A
  • 227.
    Whenever It Is Raining

    Whenever it is raining I think of far away
    I think of stormy mornings and evenings cool and gray
    I hear the little dipper sing in the flooded rill
    And see the rain clouds gathering above the bracken hill. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 228.

    As I sit on the edge of my bed
    I see
    The rain is pouring down
    I imagine it pouring on top of me read more »

    Lechelle Jones (01.24.91,D.C)
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