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Rainbow Tale (A Novel) Chapter One - Poem by Z.I. Mahmud

Chapter 1 Introduction
Come on! Forget what happened and lead your life peacefully. Let bygones by bygones and focus on the present. Don't let your past steal your life and shatter your dreams. Concentarte on your future so that your dreams come real and true. Prepare well from now on and remember that you are the only engraver of your life.
Okay, Elizabeth. I've had enough. Now, could you please stop chattering and lecturing me. Okay, Bill I know you've grown quite matured nowadays. Dinner time came and the dinner was laid on the table but I found no likeness of the dinner. I just rushed into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. How unlucky I was! There was no favourite chocolates of mine. Clemon drinks were left. But I never like to drink that kind of flavoured drink. However, it was bad. At last, I had to take the packet of noodles. I went to fetch my recipe book from the shelf of the kitchen and started searching pages. There was no content page and it took almost half an hour for me to find the recipes of Chinese noodles. I love veggies and decided to cook vegetable noodles. Suddenly! Elizabeth came and growled at me. 'What a mess you have done to the kitchen! The whole kitchen has got dirty and please quikly mop it if you don't want to get beaten up.'
'Okay, I'll. And please don't come in between my cooking. I hope you'll stop interferring from now on.' She went away with a groaning look. I've my dinner soon after she left and mopped the whole floor.
I went to my room and saw the curtains all wet. O My God! the windows were opened and it was raining very heavily. If this rain continues then probably there would be there will be great fun because we don't need to attain school. I tried to close the windows but I failed. I was pushed back by the strong winds. After a long time of struggle, I was able to close the window glasses and rearrange the curtains.
I thought to make my way to the terrace to drench in the rain but it was quite impossible at night. No problem, I can touch the rain drops. For the first time, I have seen the darkest clouds ever as I looked through the window pane and for the first time, rain became a blessing for me. I walked quickly in the corridoe balcony escaping Elizabeth and Edward's eyes. I was panting and then tried to relax after reaching the balcony. I felt very pleasant and enjoyable by the sight of the rain. But then all my joys came to an end! As I was frightened by the thunder shock.
I went back to my room and saw Westwood's message on the phone. 'Are you enjoying rain? ' That message stuck in my mind and I replied my answer in the format of a poem.
Rain what a nice name!
From the sky falling dauntlessly like drops of water
Sometimes the rain falls with thunder and sometimes not.
Oh! how I feel to see the rain!
From my window I see the rain
And people with umbrellas and so on
Hundreds of people come out and see the rain.
Oh! we enjoy rain
But now the thunder blows and falls with ice!
We get scared!
Rain in the seas and oceans,
The sailors are busy
And away moves the ships with gusty wind and thunder.
The rain gives us shower
And we get pleasure!
The rain fulfills our wishes and arises with rays of new hopes! ! !

I started shivering and felt extremely cold. It's lightening very thunderly. Oh! I'm missing something and ofcourse it's coffee. I need it so that I don't catch cold and get scolded by Elizabeth. The coffee gave me the strength and I could study then. It was late night and it was nearly two o' clock. The most important thing I remembered that tomorrow there was exam and I need to score the highest. Last time, I had done bad in Physics paper. The lamp lights were still on and I could see Elizabeth in her arm chair. Edward was quite asleep and silently I went to sleep as well.

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