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The Tale Of Two Best Friends.. (Short Story) - Poem by Jordan Moore

I gazed up at the clouds to see two clouds meet, and sighed as I pondered.. Where Is the girl I am supposed to meet? She is out there somewhere I'll find her one day.. But my thoughts were interrupted when suddenly; 'BODYSLAM! ' my lungs explode with laughter as my friend Sam jumps on top of me. I quickly recover and launch a padimellon in her direction. She dodged and the next thing I know I have a face full of sand. So we run down to the river to wash off.. 'you know, you can really fight dirty sometimes Sam.' I said. In which she replied with; ' at least I don't fight like a girl, jordy' the laughter carried on till dusk we climbed many trees and explored many caves. Then we laid on the beach and watched the sun set on the horizon. 'beautiful isn't it? ' I asked. 'you can be such a girl sometimes' she replied as she punched me in the arm.. We laughed and I gazed into her eyes and was astonished... I never realized how green they are.. How bright they are, and how Beautiful they are. I never looked at my friend in this way but I looked away as to not make it awkward. I smiled to myself silently and then walked her home, thinking back to all the great memories we have made over the years..


I wake up to a knocking at my door.. I quickly get up and put on a shirt, 'who is it? ! ' I called out, with no reply.. I race to the door to see my best friend in tears. 'will you walk with me? .' she asked, 'of course' I said sincerely. We walk to our favorite park as she explained that her father had lost the battle with cancer. We sat on the bench and I held her as she wept. It began to rain and I stroked her long blonde hair out of her face. Watching the tears run down her cheeks. I felt the warm tingles run through my arms and the butterfly's go round my stomach. I leaned down to her ear and whispered ' I love you...' she was shocked. And she looked up into my eyes without saying a word and hugged me.. This wasn't a normal hug, it was a REAL hug.. Warm, soft, special. Nothing like our other hugs.. We held each other and the rain began to clear. I walked her home silently. And we got to her door. She began to tear up and I told her 'I would never leave you.' and a rainbow appeared she smiled and closed her eyes, we leaned in and our lips touched. We kissed. And a rainbow appeared, it felt like it was always like this, like it was meant to be. We... We're meant to be, together~~~

Poems About Rainbow

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