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Poems About: RAPE

In this page, poems on / about “rape” are listed.

  • 253.
    I Hate the Thought of Hate Crimes

    A crime is a crime no matter how cut it,
    A murder is a murder, a rape is a rape,
    An assault is what it is,
    A crime scene is a crime with the yellow tape. read more »

    Joe Rosochacki
  • 254.
    Why Did I lose

    My heart was there my soul was pure
    I showed so much love, passion and heart
    I wanted It so I needed it class President was all i'd be
    pushing myself striving for more i feel raped forever more read more »

    Allen gill
  • 255.
    My Escape

    Sometimes my thoughts escape me
    As the fear begins to rape me

    The tears fall from my eyes read more »

    Ray Null
  • 256.
    Who we are?

    Summer breeze, across the ocean
    Dancing, tangling with nights possession
    Sound of freedom, crashing through the air read more »

    reina Lorenzo
  • 257.

    I was so scared,
    Just being compared,
    To all the other girls,
    He said I was just like all the other girls, read more »

    Chantelle jlh
  • 258.

    melvin banggollay read more »

  • 259.

    no time to waste, no way to go
    perhaps it's right time to show

    The bridge behind was blazed up read more »

    Kianush Maleki
  • 260.
    Raping of Reality

    The human mind is fascinating.
    It is programmed to manipulate.
    The moment it is taught how things are connected...
    A raping of reality begins. read more »

    Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • 261.
    For To Reclaim The Night

    They march uptown for to reclaim the night
    Carrying lighted candles and small battery hand lights
    Their peaceful protest for basic human right
    And in solidarity you will find much might. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 262.
    News of a Drought

    A decade is
    But a few rainless years
    When his father
    Choked on pesticide read more »

    Hindol Sengupta
  • 263.
    The Life of a Wife

    It was just a dinner date
    That ended in a horrible rape.

    No-one heard her kick or scream read more »

    Anna C Croft
  • 264.
    People of all colors living here

    Or visiting in this country
    Are cowardly in not admitting over and over
    Their part of causing illness,
    Disease to all skinned tone people, read more »

    Kathleen A. Boyd
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