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George Herbert Walker Bush - Poem by Tim Caffery

Born from the blood of genocide & the devils' Legion of semen
Praetorian Captain of Empire: from JFK to Crack Cocaine, he's the Master of Treason
A Connecticut Yankee in the Temple of Ares, committed to The Crown [LLC] cause
Demigod upon Amerigo baring bow & sword to rape our ancient laws
Lord of FOP, priest of Castor & Pollux, Proconsul of Rome
You set up shop to utterly destroy my family's sacred home
You flout laws you break to feed your peons; with badges & guns & hate
They murder, rape, rob, terrorize, arrest, plot, gas, electroshock, beat, & choke without a single moral debate
You own POTUSes like a pimp & keep each whore in line
Since you stole JFK's, this planet has been damned by your mind
The people who serve you are like Adam, they don't have a clue
They are manufactured drones who cannot reconcile the things they do for you, it hurts them too much for even them to review
You slap celebrity asses like dead babies under your reign, because it gets you off to orchestrate pain
You think history, written by your master, will all but celebrate your family name
I am the an agent of your doom, the stone to be rolled over your tomb
I set upon this quest since the very womb & victory is upon me, oh so soon
Transfer your power to that one next in line for I will not be distracted by that ball of twine
George Herbert Walker Bush, Nimrod of now, Mulock's Boy, Father of a bull, you life & destiny are mine
& I will dismantle all your crime


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