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I Still Remember ≪/3 ≪/3 ≪/3 - Poem by Pooja Karnani

I still remember that day..
When first time we talked..
Hands in hands we walked..
Pledge of being loyal you did say…

I still remember that day..
When first time we had a fight..
The way we both cried the whole night..
Those late night dreams of may…

I still remember that day..
When you covered my face..
And you gifted me a necklace…
The whole pocket money you used it to pay…

I still remember that day..
When first time we went out for a date..
You ordered what all I did hate…
We both had opposite taste..! !

I still remember that first rain..
Those overflowing drains…
The roads overflowed…
Hand in hand we crossed that road..

I still remember…
Your first promise…
That you made…
That in memories did fade…! !

I still remember that day..
When few parting words you did say…
' People come and go..but life goes on..
Forget me and move on..! ! '

I still remember..
How I pleaded…
' The way you in my life serenaded
None of my secrets hid..
Why are you leaving me in the mid..?
Please don't be like a kid,
Please don't go..
Please your cruelty don't show..
Without you my life will be a black crow..
Please don't go…………..don't go…………
My love for you is true
You are among those few whom I found in the middle of crew..
It's you who have shown me variety of life's hue.. '

I still remember…
the way you replied,
' Oh..just get lost..
Search for a new host… '

I still remember..
Sobbingly what I said..
' Please don't go..
What's my mistake..? ? '

I still remember..
The way you fawned me..
' Whatever..! go die somewhere,
I don't care..! '

I still remember..
The way I trodded back home..
All alone…
I called you so many times, but you switched off your mobile phone..

I still remember..
The way I lost my might..
Those painful lonely nights..
My life destroyed by those tides…

I tried my best to forget you..
But how can I forget…
Someone ….who gave me so much to remember..
Crying alone in the rain passed the September…!

Now, though a long time has passed,
But still I have you in my dreams,
This leaves me smiling..
Thanks prayed to God my lips whispering…

This is how I smile only when I sleep…
In past happy memories my utopia of dreams peep…
Sometimes when I am alone..
And wish to dial some number on phone…

My fingers automatically dial your number…
But in a sec, your words I do remember..
' It was nice talking to you..
Now I am not interested, adieu forever..! ! '

I still remember..
That day when destiny made us meet gain..
But alas! in vain..

Now for you, I am a stranger..
But still I am not able to suppress my hunger..
For your love and your care..
With you I have a piece of heart in share…

You said, ' forget me.. '
But please tell me howwwww…? ? ? ? ? ?
What should I do of my heart now….?

Anyways, you go..and find some one else…
I am loving myself..
Would never ask for your help..
God helps those who help themselves…

Comments about I Still Remember ≪/3 ≪/3 ≪/3 by Pooja Karnani

  • Rookie - 133 Points Allemagne Roßmann (9/8/2012 12:03:00 PM)

    invigorating and in-depth research on broken hearts..i appreciate (Report) Reply

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  • Rookie Subrat Pradhan Love-immortal (7/12/2012 11:27:00 PM)

    Sweet and simple. Love has more to give than to lose. Betrayal is there. Soit has more taste unknown to all. My poems await your reading. Hope to soothe your agony. Awaiting your reply (Report) Reply

  • Gold Star - 12,669 Points Anil Kumar Panda (7/12/2012 2:21:00 AM)

    emotionally strong ink.This is the plight of a pretty girl who has been betrayed.Can feel it. (Report) Reply

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