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Do You Remember - Poem by Randy McClave

Do you remember when you said I wasn't listening to you,
But you know that I really couldn't.
Do you remember when I asked you to repeat what you said,
And too me you said that you wouldn't.
Do you remember when you got mad at me daily for my hearing,
And I told you that you shouldn't.

Do you remember when I flew thousands of miles,
So that I could Just to be with you.
Do you remember also when I flew you here to my home,
So that we could become just two.
Do you remember when I did or went wherever that you wanted,
And all you really had to do was only to ask me to.

Do you remember how I went into deep, deep debt,
So that I could get you all that you did and do own.
Do you remember how I said that everything of mine was yours,
Which included my heart and also my home.
Do you remember how you then mocked and laughed at me,
When collectors would come and not leave me alone.

Do you remember when I prayed to GOD for our love,
Every single day and also every night.
Do you remember how happy and proud I always was of you,
And all you had to do was stand at my side.
Do you remember all the argument that you started with me,
And with me you would love to argue and fight.

Do you remember those many plans that we had made,
But never alone but while we were together.
Do you also remember how I would always say,
That you and I would always be forever.
Do you also remember as I still do and that I always will,
That once again you secretly chose some other.

Do you still remember the many sins that you've done,
And also the many lies to me that you had spoke.
Do you still remember the times that you weren't in our home,
Especially the times you weren't there when I had awoke.
Do you still remember those many times when you just hid away,
I wonder still if your conscience ever did choke.

Do you still remember and of course I always will, ,
How you have done this again and also once before.
Do you still remember how you had use all your other men,
So that you could get what you were looking for.
Do you remember how you lied and how you used them too,
Maybe that's why you always left for a different shore.

Do you remember the vows and promises that you made,
And once again in front of GOD and in the presence of man.
Do you remember how you would always be at your mans side,
While you were holding onto another mans hand.
Do you remember all those promises you made and then broke,
I wish truly that you I could understand.

Did you also know that years or even days from now,
Your eyes will begin to grow a bit dimmer.
Did you also know that about that same time from now,
Your heart will rebel and will begin to shimmer.
Did you also know about that same time GOD you will meet,
And then did you also know, that GOD too will also remember.

Randy McClave

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