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Will You Remember Me? - Poem by Faisal Noor

All I want from the world is to Remember Me,
For the bad I was, and for the good I'll be.
For the hearts I've broken, and for the smiles I'll bring,
For the curses I've hurled, and for the verses I'll sing,
All I want from you is to remember me.

All I want from the friend is to Remember Me,
For the games we played, and for the driving spree.
For the jokes I cracked, and for the looks they whipped,
For the Eves we teased, and for the Adams we tripped,
All I want from you is to remember me.

All I want from the teacher is to Remember Me,
For the boy she got, and for the man she set free.
For the theories dictated, and for the conclusions I drew,
For the morals she showered, and for the society I'll brew,
All I want from you is to remember me.

All I want from the girl is to Remember Me,
For the love I showed, and for the 'friendliness' she'll see.
For the tears on her guitar, and for the moments pensived,
For the ocean I sent, and for the dropp she received,
All I want from you is to remember me.

All I want from My parents is to Remember Me,
For the name thou gave, and for the fame I'll give to thee.
For the principles thou instilled, and for the man thou built,
For the dreams thou had, and for the face now shadowed with guilt,
All I want from thee is to remember me.

All I want from God is to Remember Me,
For the Mushrik I was, and for the Mo'min I'll be.
For Kufrs I've done, and for the Namaz I've prayed,
For the human I've been, and for the humane I've behaved,
All I want from thou is to remember me.

And all I could give you is the remembrance of bliss,
'Cause neither gifts nor these poetic verses could accomplish,
For the good you are, and for the best you meant,
For the world I got, and the heaven you sent,
All I could do is ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU.

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