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Poems About: REMEMBER

In this page, poems on / about “remember” are listed.

  • 73.

    i remember when i first saw your face
    i remember when first talked

    i remember when we first talked on the phone read more »

    Ashmita Kamlesh
  • 74.

    remember when he was next to you
    remeber he is somewhere new
    remeber he is heaven now
    remember he is smiling down read more »

    Crazy Vampire
  • 75.
    Will they remember?

    will they remember when im gone
    will they remember my fleeing song

    will they remember this smile so bright read more »

    Tutu O.O.
  • 76.

    Remember the way you'd hold me tight?
    I remember the way you'd kiss me goodnight.
    I remember how I'd cry to you and you'd say 'Everything will be alright.'
    I remember how you would keep me warm when i was cold. read more »

    Peyton Boyer
  • 77.
    Let Go

    Let go and move on
    Just remember
    the day the sun shone
    You fall and break read more »

    Silver C. Day
  • 78.

    Remember the trenches, a life of mud,
    Remember the men who faught as best they could,
    Remember those who died,
    Remember them everyday with pride, read more »

    Kieran J1996
  • 79.

    remember our smiles
    remember our cries
    remember our victory
    and sun in the sky read more »

    Danielle Johnson
  • 80.
    I Remember...

    I Remember…

    I remember the brightest smile, the curves of her face, the feel of her hair
    I remember the depths of her eyes, windows unto her soul read more »

    Kevin Gildea
  • 81.

    Remember the day we met
    That day during drama read more »

    justice bbb
  • 82.
    my memory of you

    My Memory of You…

    I can remember the first time we met, the way
    Your smile just lit up my day read more »

    Ray Racheal Vincent
  • 83.

    I remember your eyes and your smile, read more »

    suchul Jin
  • 84.
    Life Lesson

    Listen to all
    Listen to none
    But remember this thing
    You are the one who realize read more »

    maria sudibyo
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