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Every Star That Dance For The Stars Dance With Respect. - Poem by Raymond Sawyer

Night after night for when one dance thus the stars shall dance with respect but yet one star is the angel of Star bucks to touch once heart with respect thus every warm smile is the smile of respect just to have a good cup of coffee is like being touch with respect.

When the sun shine so shall the stars smile that says may i help you to hear the soft voice of the star is like feeling the breeze whisper the name Star bucks thus for one who wish for a good cup of coffee has been touch with respect.

What a beautiful day for a good cup of coffee but every min the birds shall sing the name of Star bucks that has good cup of coffee where there a good cup of coffee thus there respect for every star is the family of Star bucks.

Yet for one who sleep shall hear the name Star bucks in once dream for who shall be touch with the stars have thus every touch of respect is the touch of love for a good cup of coffee just to taste good coffee is tasting the touch of respect.

To wish upon a star is like wishing for a good cup of coffee that has respect put in every respect that the stars of Star bucks show for there a warm smile that say have a good day but when one see a star thus it has a twinkle in it's eyes that say Star bucks.

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