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Mutal Respect - Poem by Louis Borgo

Care and understanding and understanding of
honoring a position is mutual respect. Considering not lacking or pertaining
to a higher intelligence to a handler to hinder of confidence
and surrender bold but not daring. Conception.
To uphold onset and offset of idealism.
Pertaining to what a man's word is.
And my word is my word, either be verbally or signed on a dotted line,
it is a done deal. Memo to self:
Mutual Respect.
To self description may it be action or will it be of characteristics of a man
own deed defining ego or detain by estrogen to mean to find but to up
hold the concept of the power of authority.
Surrendering to mutual respect. To consume the question,
how does one man handle good business?
Mutual Respect.
To credit not the owner but yet the brand.
But to install the fundamental values of success and creating.
To uphold the right of the company and its brand.
For the better of the workforce, put not of self but the right
of the brand itself is a true understanding of a typhoon of
Mutual Respect.
Found it in many of cloth of becoming the name and brand,
a compound with of interest transcend to the peacemaker
hand cuts trends to find better quality of affection of higher existing of deed
of grade and pay and entitlement of age.
Mutal Respect
Consisting of belief of quality of good business,
withholding of perch of understanding of class
but that of a gentlemen attire. What does one consider his self of position of leave?
Mutual Respect.
Trust and believe were started such compassion and tone
and defer of outcome of a deed. Consider what I speak, humble of sue,
and time of a situation. How to understand great work that makes great effort.
Now giving good time and good faith in the blessings of god,
I write such a memo to myself.
Mutual Respect
If indeed, put in position, for corporate or franchise,
may I remind myself the feeling of unemployment, the status quo,
to trend or respect to employees of employed to know what is
Mutual Respect.
May this be the rule of engagements of what I consist
of good standards of good business.
Mutual Respect

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