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Loss Of Freedom Would Be The End Of American As We All Know It – This Is How I See It. - Poem by just mme

In 1787 “ WE THE PEOPLE” was hand written & then signed by 39 of the 55 delegates, It’s called the United States Constitution, In the time after - amendments were made, The 1st & 2nd Are the most heard about, freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms, both under attack with the government of today, the 1st - freedom of speech being controlled by government and billionaires who own the media, this is not freedom of speech its controlled speech, the 2nd by our own president and state senators who were elected and had sworn an oath into office to uphold such little words written, words with much power in meaning, the 2nd - “ A WELL-REGULATED MILITIA, BEING NECESSARY TO THE SECURITY OF A FREE STATE, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED “. This just can not happen, this is gun controI, NO im wrong on both, if and when they are both taken it would be called PEOPLE CONTROL, I can not stop thinking of my father, joined the army at such a young Age and served his country proudly, just like all the other American People of this great country, who served, also have brothers, sisters, sons & daughters That served with blood sweat and tears under the same oath as our government which they took when taking office, if the government succeeds in the fall of the United States Constitution then all their service in the past and present wars were all for nothing, as well as our fallen who would of died for nothing, is this what we really want, NOT ME, i never thought about serving in the armed forces when I was young, not really sure why, most likely being young it was for selfish reasons on my part, this is something that bothers me even today, why because of the respect I have for all who have served as well as all who are serving today, the feeling of being proud at the site of any armed force personnel, I say thanks to them for your service and keeping my freedom intact, I have even paid their bill when they dine out, this is something I wish I had, the respect & someone considered to be looked up too, but if the people of this country do not stand up to the government and not be so naïve about whats going on in todays news and thinking this is not going to happen you are just fooling yourselves, I said a little bit ago “ I WISH I HAD “, looks like I am, meaning if it continues then we the people, me, you, family, ex-servicemen & women, friends, neighbors must stand and fight, I will join the people as well as the many sheriff departments across this great country who have told this government they will not support these laws, a great president once said, “ ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF “, in this case its not, I will stand and fight but the fear I have is the people I respect and have talked about, our armed forces, are they willing to shoot a pond their own, I hope they know that if and when an executive order by the president is made and its against the United States Constitution their own oath that is an order they all can refuse at the time its given, that alone would sent a message so strong to this government that hopefully not a shot would be fired and their time in office would come to a rapid end and keeping the United States Constitution as is and intact.
Thank you, just mee

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