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A Hundred So-So Poems With A Story Of Their Own - Poem by Elena Plotkin

'Writers of Yore' 'Why is the Ocean Salty'.' Heyy, Why Is Life So Mean? ' 'Dear Mother Dear' and 'Dear Mr. Saggy Pants.''Baby, I'm Ready To Live The Fantasy', with a 'Banana', 'Orange', and 'Grape'. 'But Alas Here I Take My Last Breath', 'Retirement.' 'Step Back' 'Sorrow', 'the Old Age Creak'. 'What Hell Is This? ' 'Oh, The Single Life for Me' 'Life's Work' for 'Tiger, Tiger (not Kipling) .' 'Happy Valentine's Day' 'To The Womanizer', 'To The Future President', 'To the Terrorist', 'To the Teacher' 'To the Spouse of my Ex-spouse' and 'To the Love Sick'.'They Told Me to Laugh When I Was Crying.' 'Who Will? ' 'Welcome to My Perfume Parlor' 'Sugar Man'. The 'Gold Digger Need Not Apply.' 'The Look On Your Face Says It All'. 'What Binds Your Heart To Mine? ' 'Revenge and Spite'. 'You're Lucky You Got What You Got.' What A Way To Go! ' 'Noble Warrior'. 'Not All Father's Get to Celebrate Father's Day.'The Truth Behind The Fairy Tale Rapunzel, 'The Truth Behind The Fairy Tale Beauty and the Beast', 'The Truth Behind the Fairy Tale Sleeping Beauty' and 'The Truth Behind The Fairy Tale Snow White' is' There Will Always Be A Place For You At My Table, ' 'Mother'. 'I Shan't Ever Forget Thee' 'Everytime I'm Out About Town.' Some ''Free Advice''Do Not Fear''The Best Mother In The World' with 'August Rodin In The USA'. 'If Only She Knew' 'Home Is Where The Heartache is'. 'How Can You' ''Practice at Home''My Grandbaby'. 'Homer At The Start' 'I Came Here By Taxi' A Soldier' and 'Self-Preservationist', 'Nameless the Blameless' 'In Response To I'm Going On Military Leave.''Too Young To Know' and 'Disgustingly Perky' with 'Forget-me-nots' and 'A Spring In My Step'. 'A Part of me' 'Foolishly Bet' a 'Vegan' 'Ballet Dancer' 'Love and Marriage' for 'A Kiss.' 'Before We met', 'We the People', 'The Only Two People in the World' and 'The Only Two People in the World (Male Version) ', ' Nameless the Blameless, The Teen' had 'Brotherly Love' and 'Best Friends Forever. ' 'Lost Connection' with 'Mom's Little Feet and Little Hands'. 'When Looks Can Kill' 'Geniuses Unite' and 'Time Is A Runner.' New Year's''Brithday Blues', 'Crime Of The Century''Couples Therapy', 'Divorce' and 'Oblivion.' 'To Err is Human' 'Mistakes I've Made A Few... Thousand'. 'Please No more' 'I Want to Be the Man In The Relationship'. 'To Be' 'Truly Repentant' and not 'The Bearer of Rejection' or 'The City's Homeless' or 'The Visitor' with 'The Wolf At The Door' 'Cutting Away At My Heart' and 'Dead at Thirteen''.

(c) 2016 Copyright Elena Plotkin

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