Treasure Island


In this page, poems on / about “retirement” are listed.

  • 301.
    The Ex Government Minister.

    He lives on his fat retirement pension and he's doing quite okay
    And with his wealthy buddies on the golf course every day
    He practices his putting and his driving and the good life he enjoy
    And of thirst and malnutrition this man will never die. read more »

  • 302.

    Propositioned passions torment me
    Conversation dulls me to inner wit
    Why do I listen to thee in solitude?
    Hope laid waste like winter solstice read more »

  • 303.
    Tripping the Light

    Light the incredible night
    Long amazing trip it will be
    Self-pleasure’s an irony –
    Two hearts beating as one read more »

  • 304.
    Vic and Vo

    When one remembers Vo Rogue the famous race horse one remembers his trainer Victory Rail
    For they were great together and they never seemed to fail
    To give value for money Vo Rogue the gallant bay
    Was a champion on pace galloper who often led all of the way read more »

  • 305.
    Annual Review

    In effect, the same as
    smacking-the-tar out
    of your dog a year later
    for having pooped on read more »

  • 306.
    We Are Near Life's Finish Line

    I feel happy for you mister on your huge superannuation payout
    You've earned it so you can relax that's what life should be about
    You and your wife can dine out better now and drink more expensive wine
    Yet you and I only one thing in common share we are near life's finish line. read more »

  • 307.
    There Is Too Much to Be Enjoyed

    If my needs are not met
    I have no regret leaving
    These days have activated
    My wishes and dreams read more »

  • 308.
    For Many

    For many life is an uphill battle the years have brought gray to your hair
    And your face that has known many Seasons wears the lines of worry and care
    The boys and girls you went to school with like you have known a better day
    And old father time keeps on ticking and ticking and ticking away. read more »

  • 309.
    John Howard In Retirement

    John Howard in retirement he lives the good life
    With Janette one can say his devoted wife
    His term as Australian Prime Minister by the voters was brought to an end
    But with fame and money he won't go short of a friend read more »

  • 310.
    Hardly A Role Model

    Hardly a role model for every young boy
    Though his retirement I do hope he enjoy
    He waged war on Iraq and Afghanistan
    He abused his power he is not a wise man read more »

  • 311.
    The Once Mighty Bay

    Fifteen years ago he could run as fast as the wind
    The champion group 1 gelding of the thoroughbred kind
    At the big City race tracks big races he won
    The big bay in his prime was the Nation's number one read more »

  • 312.
    Sour Grapes

    He could not even hold on to his Parliamentary seat
    And just like Paul Keating before him he cannot accept his defeat
    Johnny Howard is now an ex politician yet in defeat one without grace
    By his attacking of former opponents he is trying to save face read more »

New Retirement Poems

  1. Foremost among the Finest!, Stanley Collymore
  2. A Chat By Brothers, Onyekachukwu Vincent Onyeche
  3. Postwoman., Gangadharan nair Pulingat..
  4. The Final Morbidity of the Interior Embe.., Henry Splawn Taylor
  5. Pond in Winter, Frank Avon
  6. LIVE YOUR LIFE, Ken e Hall
  7. So What Next, Michael Mullings
  8. Retirement, Ruth Walters
  9. Shroud Unfolding, RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  10. The Spoils Of Retirement, david kush
  11. Retirement, Gangadharan nair Pulingat..
  12. Energetic retirement, Eric Bult
  13. Jobless Asses And Horses, Bijay Kant Dubey
  14. Golden Estates, Melissa K Vigna
  15. Retirement, Toshie Nohara
  16. Easter 2014, Nasarudheen.P. Parameswaran
  17. Sonnet for the utility of man, Danny Draper
  18. Misfits In Liverpool, oskar hansen
  19. Works And Pensions, Dave Alan Walker
  20. With No Resentment, hasmukh amathalal
  21. The AAP Activists Are Coming, Bijay Kant Dubey
  22. The Road To...., Lauren B Called
  23. Spanish Nightmares, Douglas McClarty
  24. Look at back, hasmukh amathalal
  25. Florida Florida Florida, sherif monem
  26. Slug, Kjartan Sidney Khaldun
  27. Re-Renting Time, Jim Yerman
  28. My Therapist, chas garcia
  29. The Flower, Vipin Madathil
  30. Dead Horse Corner, Patrick Dennis
  31. Retirement, hasmukh amathalal
  32. No Poems, hasmukh amathalal
  33. Mission Superannuation, S.D. TIWARI
  34. His Waiting Lounge, Padmanabhan Ananth
  35. Retirement is just Natural, Dr John Celes
  36. One Generation Sacrificed, Jonathan ROBIN
  37. Retirement, Kevin Seales
  38. Poetry of The Light Divine, How To Write.., Bijay Kant Dubey
  39. My Ramshackle, GEORGE AMADI
  40. Monarchial Redeployment, Tosin Abegunde
  41. Charity and Business., Hardik Vaidya
  42. Golden Age, RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  43. Family Ties, Tosin Abegunde
  44. My Good Sister (Acrostic), Marvin Brato Sr
  45. 'Peace and Love' Tanka for Neil Young, Chenou Liu
  46. Windsor Knot, Donal Mahoney
  47. Why Poetry?, Eric Bult
  48. Nothing, Aparna Chatterjee
  49. Grandma Pit Bull, Kevin Rottweiler
  50. And Now, Les Littleford
  51. Civil unrest., Maria Shaw
  52. No retirement, gajanan mishra
  53. Work, Prince Lartey
  54. Grandfather's Clock, Ethan Biswurm
  55. Prepare yourself, gajanan mishra
  56. I'd Prefer to Live With Dogs, Madhav Sarkunde
  57. Vision with sight, hasmukh amathalal
  58. Once The Old Were Those Who Had Little T.., Shalom Freedman
  59. Time To Throw Down The Shovel, Steven Harris
  60. Where is God?, James Hart
  61. Complete stand, hasmukh amathalal
  62. The half doused camp fire.., veeraiyah subbulakshmi
  63. Sir, Should I send a memo? Today is Fath.., veeraiyah subbulakshmi
  64. Retirement, Chris Poythress
  65. Not so balanced, Priyadarsini G Menon
  66. Fate Being Bargained, Kevin Lee
  67. Seniority is not counted., Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  68. SUPERANNUATION, vidyut chakraborty
  69. Mother – Daughter, Aparna Chatterjee
  70. I've got my life back, Or have I? ?, Owain Glyn
  71. Date, gajanan mishra
  72. Not A Life Worth Saving (REVISED), Margaret Alice Second
  73. How To Do Things 'Their' Way, Lawrence S. Pertillar
  74. Passin' Through, Claude H Oliver II
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