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  • 349.
    My Question to Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke

    When banks went bankrupt, to bail them out
    The government gave them a cushy handout

    When the rest of economy went to recession
    The government tried to make a good impression

    It printed trillions of fiat money
    To rescue all friends of the Easter Bunny

    To provide the necessary wherewithal
    To spend its way out of the hole

    The politicians were not aware
    While they built the bridges that lead to nowhere

    That money is also a finite resource
    They had good intentions: for better or for worse

    Inflation and taxes beyond any doubt
    Caused my retirement fund wipe out

    My finances were trapped, I couldn’t get any cash
    When stocks and bonds have turned into trash

    I was paying my mortgage & credit card debt
    I spent money wisely, my expenses were capped

    With banks in default, the dollar’s inflating
    I still retain 5-star credit rating

    Hey, Mr.Bernanke and Mr.Greenspan
    Something is wrong with your genius plan

    Would you, please, tell me, whose fault is that -
    People are suffering and banksters are fat?

    August 23,2009 read more »

  • 350.
    To Grow Old With You

    To grow old with you,
    My divine wish.
    To be with you when alzheimer and athritis set in.
    To hold your hand when retirement comes and our bundles of joy have long left the nest. read more »

  • 351.
    The Jesus Lizard

    Button your lip and don’t let the veil slip
    Take a restoring sip on the cool virgin draft
    If they try to reveal your hush-hush disguise
    And unnamed black op spies read more »

  • 352.

    He ruled you absolute
    Reigning over some dried up empire
    Prominence fallen from your old ways
    Short of forgiveness read more »

  • 353.

    After retirement, fishing gave me a lot of pleasure.
    I chose my golden rod and bait at the time of leisure.
    Cutting appropriate wood, I made my special float.
    The broken creel was repaired and I went angling by boat. read more »

  • 354.
    That Boy Needs Therapy

    Fast cross-country cars
    race in between
    Young cafe girls' legs,
    Lifting petty coats in crazed ecstasy read more »

  • 355.

    (A True Story Series)

    I had a prisoner for medical screening
    Before transporting him to jail. read more »

  • 356.
    On My Golden Years

    And why wouldn't I be the hermit of the neighborhood?
    I would have, by then, seen infinitely more than I should
    Of a cruelty that might just have it out for me. read more »

  • 357.
    Advice for a Lost Poet

    There's a poem in here.
    Stuck under the seat of your grand power-phobia,
    where you fall under your own sword with mediocre aspirations,
    the pizza parlor poet-poseur, the all-hesitant romantic, read more »

  • 358.

    When the going is smooth,
    When success is the standard
    When compliments flow from all angles
    And the group is swimming in brilliance read more »

  • 359.
    A Private Matter.

    This may be a Prıvate matter:
    But no Generals died today.
    Many of their aides, read more »

  • 360.

    On the way to flyball we passed an incomplete building, the attached poster advertised a forthcoming retirement home, opposite a graveyard.

    2. read more »

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