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The Difference Of How Rich, Middle And Poor Class Handle Money Problems - Poem by orous glam

All of us had different money problems whether you belong to the poor, middle and rich class people, the only difference is the way how we dealt with it.

Poor class people usually thinks that they are victims of money problem. They blame the government, their parents, their neighbor, business owners, as well as God for having that kind of life. Their excuses is bigger than their dream and goal in life.They usually think that if they have a lot of money their problems will be solve, what they don’t realize is that the attitude towards money problem is the problem. Their attitude creates their money problem. They see money problem as problem only. The only thing that the poor increases is their financial problem and not their financial IQ.

Middle class people are prisoners of money. The middle people thinks that they can outsmart the money problem by spending money to go to school to get their PhD, buying a house, commute to work, play it safe, climb the corporate ladder, having a lot of certification, spending too much time in office and save for retirement. They are the people who value financial security rather than take on financial challenges. They work for entrepreneurs instead work being an entrepreneur. Instead of increasing their financial IQ, they stay busy, hiding in their offices.

While many people work for rich people and solve rich people's money problem. Rich class people use their financial intelligence to their money problems, they see money problem as an opportunity to increase their financial IQ and solve problems with the five financial intelligences. They know that solving financial problems makes them smarter, and increases their financial IQ. They too had a problem in money, but instead of running away to that problem they dealt with it and find solutions. If the rich don’t know the answer to their money problems they seek out experts who can help them solve the problem. An in the journey of solving that problem they become more intelligent and much equipped to solve more and more problem. THE RICH DON'T QUIT. They learn. And by learning, they grow richer.

The problem with the poor and middle class is they don’t have enough money. The rich have the problem of having too much money. Both are real and legitimate problems. The question is, which problem do you want?

credits to: jga_143 of and jopz daniel for sharing this article

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