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  • 253.
    Electric Eel Song

    Ay! me one child Ay-eeee!
    Ay! me one daughter
    Take out you’ foot
    From the black river water
    Haul out you’ hand
    Out the slow river water
    Stay ‘pon the bank
    Of the cold river water
    Ay! me one daughter
    Ay! me one child! Ay-eeee!

    Electric eel
    Is the eel in the river
    Shadow ‘pon the bottom
    Is the eel in the river
    Something like you’ hand
    Is the eel in the river
    Swimming like you’ foot
    Is the eel in the river

    Ay! me one child Ay-eeee!
    Ay! me one daughter
    Foot after foot
    Though the black river water
    She can’t touch the bottom
    Out the slow river water
    Shirt like umbrella
    In the cold river water
    Ay! me one daughter
    Ay! me one child! Ay-eeee!

    Electric eel
    Is the eel in the river
    Cutlass shape
    Is the eel in the river
    Black blade or brown
    Is the eel in the river
    Dozing so quiet
    Is the eel in the river

    Ay! me one child Ay-eeee!
    Ay! me one daughter
    Slap of a tail
    Through the black river water
    Shiver like ague
    Out the slow river water
    As if she take cramp
    Of the cold river water
    Ay! me one daughter
    Ay! me one child! Ay-eeee!

    Electric eel
    Is the eel in the river
    No blood, just a thrill
    Is the eel in the river
    Lightning bold
    Is the eel in the river
    And she Drown now, she chilly
    Is the eel in the river

    Ay! me one daughter
    Ay! me one child! Ay-eeee! read more »

  • 254.
    Your Eyes

    Your eyes are a river of light
    When you look at me it's forever
    When I think of you it's your eyes
    I want to drown in your river of light read more »

  • 255.
    Mountain Peak

    We came together on the highest mountain on this earth.
    As years went by we separated into rivers
    from the tears this mountain cried.
    We all fell into different rivers flowing though read more »

  • 256.
    My Love For You Is A River

    My love for you is like a river
    You can not tell how deep it is just by looking
    You have to jump in and dive down deep
    Even then you will never know read more »

  • 257.
    Beautiful Yuroke Red River Gum

    Sometimes the red river gums rustled
    in the beginning of colonization when
    Bunnerong read more »

  • 258.
    where is your destination?

    o, mighty river
    where is your goal
    o, mighty river
    why don't you stop read more »

  • 259.
    Orange River

    Good heaven
    Bad hell
    Orange river
    Never tell. read more »

  • 260.
    Recollections of Our Native Valley

    Know ye not that lovely river?
    Know ye not that smiling river?
    Whose gentle flood,
    By cliff and wood, read more »

  • 261.
    And... The River Runs Through It

    Those sweet memories still linger in my mind
    The chain of mountains, The birds singing their song,
    The outspread meadows...
    And the river that runs through it! read more »

  • 262.
    This River

    I try to call out for help
    but I'm suffocating
    in a river of pain and treachery.
    I try to call out read more »

  • 263.
    Towards the ultimate goal

    River gurgles

    Surges ahead read more »

  • 264.
    ! ! ! Lotus of River

    Amid the irreconcilable, unbridgeable distance
    between two banks
    Flows a brawny mighty river
    hiding the satiation satisfaction read more »

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