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Poems About: ROMANCE

In this page, poems on / about “romance” are listed.

  • 313.
    Winter Romances

    Across the room listening to you breathing.....
    Your signaling your happy with no doubt
    Our love obviously needs retreating....
    This is what it feels like to be left out..... read more »

    Captain Hook
  • 314.
    Villa Jovial

    On my way to the Villa Jovial,
    The Summer Mist Christening-
    The grass with dew,
    Stood a marble pillar standing, read more »

    Theodora (Theo) Onken
  • 315.
    I Don't Want Diamond Rings

    I know Im not worthy
    not flirty
    not your type
    I know Im not pristine read more »

    Larisa Marie Davis
  • 316.

    My love for you is an ocean of purity

    And the tides they carry our kisses to the shore read more »

    Mohamed Eid
  • 317.
    As Thee Will'eth

    For the love of thy night creature,
    Call’eth, with thy heart, dark romance’s very teacher.
    As thee will’eth on thy heavenly plain,
    So shall it be in thy hellish refrain. read more »

    Robert L. Bixler III
  • 318.

    Hither an 'Yon lived in mystic Land o'Avalon,
    Pretty lady Hither sought a handsome Don.
    Yon was a guy who was in love with Hither,
    When he was near Hither he was in a dither. read more »

    Marion Gentry
  • 319.
    To Lady Jane

    Romance was always young.
    You come today
    Just eight years old
    With marvellous dark hair. read more »

    Vachel Lindsay
  • 320.
    Gaslight District

    The Gaslights burn like the fire in my eyes.

    The romance takes me away. read more »

    kamryn chew
  • 321.
    Electrified Romance

    The shock makes me shake……,
    When I’m in your embrace…..,
    Sends me like a rocket into outer space…..,
    Almost nuclear power……., read more »

    Trade Martin
  • 322.
    No Love Please

    Every time I look at you
    My head screams
    Kiss him
    Hug him read more »

    Courtney Redmond
  • 323.
    Mr. 'B' the Talker

    Like a first time,
    My legs shaking
    with the sound
    of my heart beating. read more »

    Florida Angel
  • 324.
    The Knights Tale

    A dirty night without
    a dirty Knight within
    I entertain no doubt
    The dirty knight will win read more »

    ivor or ivor.e hogg
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