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Political Romance - Poem by Barry Van Allen

I am truly scared for him,
I am not sure that I would vote for him,
I believe he needs experience,
but, ... this seems like his time.

His message has a resonance,
as if he's going to make a real difference,
not for some, but ALL this time,
... political romance.

Bobby had that vision,
and they put an end to him,
in a kitchen in Los Angeles,
since then, the light has dimmed.

Damned partisans without regard,
for fear of non-selection,
simply vote along the party lines,
and pray there's no detection.

Blindly followed leadership,
if you can call it that,
beg for more, demanding more,
... and threaten through their party hats!

They view the people as an evil,
to maintain a ' cushy ' circumstance,
their employers are annoying,
and so they lie to us with political romance.

I am truly scared for him,
because an educated black man,
is still the biggest fear of far too many,
that refuse to understand.

I've heard it said that there are none so blind,
as those that will not see,
that cut off their nose to spite their face,
and somehow think that makes them pretty.

It only takes one idiot,
and one finger on a trigger,
to end the dreams of millions,
by killing one smart... dreamer!

I'm not sure that I'll vote for him,
his experience, an issue,
his intellegence is not in question,
but, will his motives be diffused?

This feels like the time to me,
to ask for one more dance,
and hope the partner understands,
- - - more than political romance!

(The original 3/26/2008 - revised 8/20/2008)
(You may also wish to consider ' The November to Remember ')

Comments about Political Romance by Barry Van Allen

  • Rookie Jasmine Margetson (3/22/2008 1:42:00 PM)

    barack obama...
    he is quite controversial
    i would be lying if i said that if he's elected i wouldn't automatically send my condolences to his family..its quite a harsh thing to say but like you said all it takes is an idiot with a finger to pull the trigger..and its unfortunate but these idiots live amongst us...and what scares me most is that it won't be a white man..thats how you know this world is being shot to hell 20miles/per second..but with all of that out of the way..your poem was pretty effin awesome..pulled me in by the first line..most poems honestly dont do that for me..but you don't need my compliments to know they're long for now (Report) Reply

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    0 person did not like.
  • Rookie Dee Daffodil (2/20/2008 6:45:00 PM)

    It's hard to top the comments made by the readers below....but...WOW! ! ! ! Even though I personally have no use for politics....I loved this poem! ! ! !
    Dee (Report) Reply

  • Rookie Mary Gordley (2/17/2008 1:22:00 PM)

    Barry, this is a terrific write. I found my self mesmerized by the line: 'I am truly scared for him' and I feel very much the same. My heart tells me there is much chance for hope with all this candidate offers, and yet my mind doubts this country could guarantee him survival if elected. Thanks for a poem that is brave enough to lay it on the line and brilliant enough to do it in very poetic style. (Report) Reply

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