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Poems About: ROMANCE

In this page, poems on / about “romance” are listed.

  • 85.
    Romance In Your Pants

    Romance In Your Pants….,
    Most times you can tell….,
    With only a glance…., read more »

    Trade Martin
  • 86.
    romance message

    You ask for romance message
    Romance is not just typing word
    I will try to type and
    My hearting is beating faster read more »

    see fee lee
  • 87.

    Frozen coast dissemble
    Asleep in pacific dream
    Vigilance, a new penchant
    bleeding seaming passion read more »

    Rick 'Goblette' Burton
  • 88.
    Just A Little Love

    Has always been
    The most exciting scene
    And angel voices seem to know read more »

    Joyce Hemsley
  • 89.
    On My Lips

    To work like a donkey in Asia and,
    To eat like a monkey in Africa;
    We are down to earth to stand out among others,
    And from'dreamontology' to 'dondoorlogy' to set up my muse. read more »

    Edward Kofi Louis
  • 90.
    Soul Music.

    Whispering songs of romance
    You won me to your melody,
    Which now breathes a symphony
    Within my soul. My heart dances read more »

    Fay Slimm
  • 91.
    Romance is Dead © 17/5/09

    Romance is dead
    It fell to the ground
    With a bullet in its head
    It was a cold blooded killer read more »

    Scott Daniels
  • 92.
    Reflective Romance

    Dear, you learn by mind
    Memoirs of yesterdays
    Dear, know me again
    I’m still loving you read more »

    Jaleel Perinjanam
  • 93.
    Regretted Romances

    I never knew, I never had a doubt.
    My drug I couldn't live without.
    I never knew, I never realized
    just how much I lied. read more »

    Ana Podarevska
  • 94.
    Dancing in the Moon Light

    Dance, love and romance
    Turn the music and let's dance
    Pour the Champagne in the glass
    The moon is singing a serenade read more »

    sherif monem
  • 95.
    Love Needs Romance

    Romance..why doesn't it last?
    It often fades away in the past!
    What must we do to keep it alive?
    It is something we always are searching for and strive read more »

    Aqua Flower
  • 96.
    A Romance In Moonlight

    In silence of night we walk along the beach,
    The warmth of sand comforting our feet,
    Holding hands as our souls are touching each other,
    Our minds are connected in this moonlight romance. read more »

    Cristina Teodor
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