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Missing Love Chapter - Poem by Randy Bullocks

She told me to take a sit and listen to her-story. When she began to speak it seem that things didn’t go right at all she feels like she’s the only one in her relationship. She didn't have to say much or anything at all because of her eye's spoke more of what she wanted say.

Like a fantasy she wants to dream out at day light not night because everything is fiction when she's sleep. When she was done he took her hand and said to her, she wouldn’t be living a lie or a fairy tale.

He told her he writes about love stories in his poetry like he lived one before but never did. He couldn't deny but help to try and take her to love planet and fulfill her wishes and destiny. He only wanted to create a new beginning to the ending of her-story.

Adding his-story with her-story she couldn't believe there story would come to live out as if it came from a romantic love story book. To do right was the only thing on his mind when she steps in his sight.

Only showering her with love and saying little things out the blue just to see her smile. Sending her flowers, small gifts and little poetry notes to work showing that she more worth then just three words.

He didn’t have to spoil her with money, jewelry or a fancy restaurant. Just hugs and kisses while telling her she’s his honey because she’s stuck on his heart. Despite what happened during the day because at night everything slows down.

Its time to pay her back for the hard week she'd been through, keeping herself up. Undress her slowly removing every piece of clothing just leaving on her Vicki secrets.
Landing his lips below the navel spending tingling feelings to her spine while blowing her seductive mind, listen to the sound of making love.

Romantic night just deem the lights a little in the house, and spread the rose pedals across the hot bubble bath water with candles round the tub. As they lay together he turns his head and glazes into her eyes, took a deep stare while she whispers so this is how the love chapter should be.

He kissed her gently on her forehead and said yes making they’re last kiss the first. He promised he’ll never miss a line or a moment of the raising point to they’re story.

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