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One Who Hold The Star Of Respect Is The Star. - Poem by Raymond Sawyer

For one who hold the star of respect for one hold the star of respect in once heart every min that one hold the stars of respect thus the stronger it get every min one hold the star of respect the more will have a warm smile that will light up the night sky just to feel the ouch of respect for once eyes sparkle in the night.

When the moon light raise in the night sky us for one can see the family of the night yet every morning the sun shall light up the blue sky with a kiss of respect and yet for every star that one see is the star of Star where one see a rose for the rose is the rose of the family of Star bucks that have a lot of respect.

Thus when there a twinkle for one will see a sparkle in the sky for it's the family that one see to be touch by respect is like being touch by a rose that is fill with respect for every min that one feel the touch of respect the stronger one get yet for one who hold the star of respect is the star of the light of life.

As the moon get close or one will see the light of the moon but for every min there a heart that wish to feel the touch of respect for what one feel is the touch of the angel for who's heart is full of respect when the sun raise for the sun will touch every rose that one see for he one who hold the star of respect is the star.

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