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Poems About: ROSE

In this page, poems on / about “rose” are listed.

  • 121.
    Winter Sunset

    Roses in the sky,
    Roses in the sea
    Bowers of scarlet sky-roses
    Take my heart and me. read more »

    Katharine Tynan
  • 122.

    The roses has many hidden soul felt, depths to her beauty
    As many a romantic soul realizes, love and gratitude are all rose's duty
    A single rose expresses feelings in their uncomplicated, simplicity.
    While a single rose in full bloom pronounces 'I love you' for eternity. read more »

  • 123.
    'Bread and Roses' Haiku

    factory girls
    crammed shoulder to shoulder
    'Bread and Roses...' read more »

    Chenou Liu
  • 124.
    A Rose Is, But A Rose

    A Rose Is, But A Rose by Kenny Davis

    A rose is, but a rose
    Its illustrious petals has me drawn to her read more »

    Kenneth Davis
  • 125.
    Rise Ye! Rise Ye!

    Rise Ye! rise ye! noble toilers! claim your rights with fire and steel!
    Rise ye! for the cursed tyrants crush ye with the hiron ’eel! read more »

    Henry Lawson
  • 126.

    Being young and new in high school

    You welcomed me into the class read more »

  • 127.
    ! ! Gertrude Stein met Marilyn Monroe in Tiffany's

    a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
    and a dozen roses ring around a posy - read more »

    Michael Shepherd
  • 128.
    The Blood Rose...

    There is a rose laying on the ground,
    Blood is running out of the rose.
    The rose's colour began to fade until it was a pale gray.
    This only took around ten minutes. read more »

    MaddiiAnne O'Leary
  • 129.
    just one rose...

    that's a homework i need you to tell me if i should hand it to the teacher or not...(:

    just one rose, a pretty rose...
    just one rose for me with no coze... read more »

    rose of death XxX
  • 130.
    Red Rose

    A red rose is so sweet and so delicate,
    A red rose is always so bright and glimmering with red,
    A red rose has always grown so gracefully,
    and always before the end of the rose's life it starts to wilt, read more »

    sarah bishop
  • 131.
    Unopened rose

    At first glance,
    An unopened rose never shows its true beauty
    At first try,
    It’s impossible to touch a shooting star read more »

    Carlos Wever
  • 132.
    a rose to remember....

    i am reading about the death of a rose
    i am reflecting about
    death of freedom
    it is all about a rose, a wilting rose, a brown rose, read more »

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