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  • 133.
    That perfect rose

    There is a time and place for a perfect rose
    Natures perfect beauty with an elegant pose
    Standing high and dry with various colours
    Giving out freely exotic odours
    Which are adorable to the nose!

    And here is how the story goes
    That perfect rose has its cons and pros
    White rose, pink rose, red rose, yellow rose
    A hundred species of beauty and fragrance
    Change the World of moods between highs and lows

    A rose of beauty
    A rose of meaning
    A rose of love
    A rose of passion and romance
    A rose with prickles that tickles

    That perfect rose
    Can bring you out of your woes
    So in the summer bring out your hose
    While we wear the scent on our clothes
    And with this special rose I propose
    As I dare you right now to oppose

    Copyright 2013 Sylvia Lovina Chidi read more »

  • 134.

    On this day to life she came—
    May-Rose, my May-Rose!
    With scented breeze, with flowered flame,
    She touched the earth and took her name read more »

  • 135.
    Dozen Roses

    A dozen roses,
    I give to you my friend.
    A red rose for the friendship we share,
    A purple rose for the touch, read more »

  • 136.
    Rise, Rise to the Occasion

    Rise, rise to the occasion
    Rise, rise to the invitations of life
    Oh rise, rise to the music of joy
    Uh rise, rise to the victory over strife! read more »

  • 137.
    Like a rose

    I am like a rose in many ways
    I have thorns to keep people away
    So do roses
    I am gental, sweet, and soft read more »

  • 138.
    Sweet Perfume

    A rose arose with rosy hue,
    And made my torn heart, so sparkling new,
    A rose arose as roses do,
    And warmth for its guise within me grew. read more »

  • 139.
    Red Rose Of Love

    Red rose for my lover,
    Red love from her heart;
    Red rose from my lover,
    Red love from my heart; read more »

  • 140.

    Colourful rose flowers give a beautiful idea of pleasure;
    Lips of rose petals kiss everyone’s heart with pleasure!
    Red rose transports one to the world of love and beauty;
    Power of rose among all flowers is undisputed forever! read more »

  • 141.

    The Gun went off
    She fell into the abyss I promised I'd never let her fall into.
    I failed her
    Could'nt save her this time read more »

  • 142.
    A Rose

    A rose to rise
    A rose to fall
    A rose to conquer all
    Thorns that hurt read more »

  • 143.
    Roses of Colour

    Aged roses blooming in red and white
    Stand aside to reunite
    A yellow fiercy fire ignites
    the darkness of the night read more »

  • 144.

    Cross rose
    Prices rose
    People rose
    Hunger rose read more »

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