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Poems About: ROSE

In this page, poems on / about “rose” are listed.

  • 325.
    Faded Red Roses

    She stood at the alter
    A gown of white she did wear
    With a bouquet of red roses
    And blue ribbons in her hair read more »

    David Harris
  • 326.
    one rose

    one rose for the day i met you
    one rose for ever i loved you
    50 roses would be 50
    i am 51 a rose is a simbol of love read more »

    sandra geisell
  • 327.
    A Rose

    a rose has a nose but nobody knows it
    a rose has a face but never really shows it
    a rose has a heart and always needs it
    a rose has a promise but never can keep it read more »

    Hannah Virgin
  • 328.
    Always the Rose

    Roses always stand for love,
    But why a rose and not another?
    A rose may be fair, a rose may be sweet
    But its thorns are sharp, and can cut deep read more »

    Anne Rhitak
  • 329.

    I was willing to move far away
    but you found someone new
    so now here I stay read more »

    Jonathan Young
  • 330.
    A Black Rose in a Bed of Ash

    a black rose lay in a bed of ash
    everything burnt but that one rose
    everything lost by did the rose not die?
    what dose the rose mean read more »

    Sally Minns
  • 331.
    My Single Orange Rose

    Here is my prose,
    All based on a single orange rose,
    Grave grass springing,
    Church hyms their singing, read more »

    Ben Sparaco
  • 332.
    Growth of a Rose

    A rose has been planted in it's place
    Waiting to begin it's life as a beautiful flower

    A shower of rain falls on the rose read more »

    Sarah Pesta
  • 333.

    As the legend goes
    Praised in poetry and prose
    Beautiful is rose read more »

    Mittur Ramprasad
  • 334.
    Thrown Roses

    I’d never love a rose,
    roses can’t kiss back,
    what a thing to love,
    that leaves up such slack? read more »

    Amouta Stardancer
  • 335.
    To See A Rose

    To see a rose,
    first you have to look at its thorns,
    so that you can't feel happinness,
    if you haven't experienced sadness. read more »

    Ana Lia Zaldivar
  • 336.

    Blue, but you are Rose, too,
    and buttermilk, but with blood
    dots showing through.
    A little salty your white read more »

    May Swenson
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