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I Am Running - Poem by Claudia Krizay

I am running within an unknown direction,
Running from all that I fear-
I don’t know if there exists a horizon, or if there exists another world
Free from all that threatens me-
I am running beneath the shade of the trees,
Trying to find myself, and all that I believe.
I foresee a rainbow in the distance and
I feel a chill in an early spring’s gust of wind.
At night I would dance beneath the light of the full moon, if I could,
But today, beneath the rays of the sun
Shooting through the branches upon the treetops,
I run, seeking solace from rage and confusion of
What is real and what is not-
I am running to find a heaven for myself
Where no one sings death dirges and where no one threatens me-
I run seeking solitude and escape from
Those in this world who have betrayed me. I was born an innocent child,
A child who was not wanted and could not discern veracity,
I grew to become a person who somehow fell into
The depths of a canyon from which I could foresee no exit.
My life was an uphill climb and a battle with fright, dismay and terror-
Somehow I found my way out of that canyon and now
I see that inside the world of my dreams I may have been born under a different star.
I am running, seeking a horizon with hope that
The colors of the rainbow I believe I see, so vibrant and so inviting
With all of their mystical loveliness,
Shall become a gate which I shall walk through and then, find
The horizon I so desperately wish shall exist for my spirit’s salvation.
Beyond the horizon I am seeking I would find the heaven, for which I am searching,
There my running would transform to dancing with joy that I have escaped
The madness and all that I fear.
So I keep running, keeping a grasp on that hope and vigilance-
I continue to run because I do believe in miracles,
It would take a miracle for me to find who I really am inside,
After years of abuse, threat and neglect- I worship the shade the trees have given me,
The colors of the rainbow that I foresee ahead, and because of these
God given gifts of nature, I believe there is a place for me, a heaven-
Where I can dance, sing and just look about and envelop the beauty surrounding me,
My dreams shall come true and I shall be able to stop running away from my past,
Instead just keep running forward and that I shall have escaped all that I fear,
And my time inside the world of the destination I have finally reached-
Within hope and a prayer- shall never run out.

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