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Poems About: SAD

In this page, poems on / about “sad” are listed.

  • 277.

    it's happened and happened again
    I need to break or I'm gonna broken
    from round to round
    I want to run before it ruins my life read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 278.
    Dark smile

    I want to smile
    but i can only frown
    I am in a big crowd
    but i feel so alone read more »

    Lady Viola Of The Grave
  • 279.
    WHY...BE SAD? ?

    look at your self why you
    want to be like that sad
    and mad..WHY? this isn't
    the life be STRONG and read more »

    marie armany
  • 280.
    my heart and my soul

    read more »

    sheilisa brown
  • 281.
    Please Sing A Sad Song

    'Love Lost In The Spring'

    When you sing sad lyrics
    It is true ~ you often cry read more »

    Joyce Hemsley
  • 282.
    But m like this since yesterday

    I dn know i have some sort of feeling different

    M not bore
    M not sad read more »

    shilpa Poetess
  • 283.

    Every package of life comes with the happpy and the sad,
    Jus like flower garden blooms with thorns hidden between.
    We must take the happy and the sad,
    And try to balance our behaviour around them, read more »

    Nirupa Narine
  • 284.
    Broken sadness

    A broken sadness is so sad.
    I don't know why broken sadness
    is so much sadness. Sometimes you see
    people just sitting around looking so sad. You read more »

    rachel bishop
  • 285.
    Net lover

    I am sad with broken heart
    By the net man or woman read more »

    see fee lee
  • 286.
    Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear, why are you there?
    Teddy Bear, I'll be near.
    Teddy Bear, don't be sad.
    Don't be sad or I'll cry. read more »

    Camilla Fodgaard
  • 287.
    Sad side

    Sad like a dark polluted sea
    under a rusty bridge
    and the cloudy foggy sky read more »

    Roger Bewman
  • 288.
    love forever

    Blue eyes as big as the ocean
    Teeth white as pearls
    A face like an angel
    The body every girl wants read more »

    Austin Hughey
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