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  • 361.
    Sad And Lonely

    I'm sad and crying
    Slowing Dying
    Tears Fall from my eye
    I feel as though I may die

    Sad and lonely here i'll be
    even though you're here with me
    not able to feel or see
    i swear to god we'll always be

    I'm so sad and lonely
    Without my one and only
    the one who is to always be there
    all i have is a lock of her hair

    staring out over the bridge into cloudy water
    i am scared that someone has got her
    but she's still far and away
    why does it have to be this way

    my hands are getting cold
    that flame is growing old
    you make it so hard to be happy
    when you whisper in my ear and remind me how i feel crappy

    I'm here without you my honey
    drivers in a casino making money
    I'd rather be home with my sweet love
    So we could fly together like a pair of dove

    Surrounded By solitude
    All i can do is brood
    I have an unreasonable mood
    everything seems to be lude

    And here i am sad and lonely
    Missing my angel my one and only
    My heart is going hay wire like a gliss
    I need my baby to fix it with her kiss read more »

  • 362.
    Prince Can You Tell Me Why You Have Been So Sad? My heart ask me this question and i have no answer....

    Can you tell me why you have been so sad?
    You sat on a bench,
    waiting on a bliss.
    He swam with her in a drench read more »

  • 363.
    tears fall

    I stand there trying to screaming
    Wanting to disappear
    The screams are silent
    No one see the sadness be hide the smile read more »

  • 364.

    the cars look like ants
    the wind is harsh up here
    it bites through my clothes read more »

  • 365.
    Sad One, Must You Weep

    'SAD one, must you weep alway?
    Youth's ill wedded with despair;
    Ringless hand and robe of grey
    Mock the charms which they declare.' read more »

  • 366.
    A Sad, Sad Thing

    Yes, it is a sad, sad thing,
    When trust is broken,
    And suspecions are raised.
    I truly hate these moments, read more »

  • 367.
    Sad Lady

    You don't need a bottle of wine.
    Throw away your staccato way of speaking.
    I've listened long enough.
    Oh, I still love to listen, read more »

  • 368.
    Sad to say goodbye

    Ever since the moment we’ve been together,
    I’d promise to my self I would love you forever…
    We’ll share our pains and laughter,
    And we’ll live together ever after… read more »

  • 369.
    Solemn Truth

    It's a sad solemn truth
    This sad solemn lie.
    Just taken from our youth
    Was it worth it to try? read more »

  • 370.
    Modern Love

    I do want to fall in love
    I wish to blend in
    Get emotions groovin’ read more »

  • 371.
    The eyes of Love!

    I see you standing there.
    My mind goes into autopilot judgement mode.
    Unaware of your past. I judge your future.
    Forgive me bearded man with the sad, sad eyes. read more »

  • 372.
    How sad.

    How sad!
    One more night she laid down by her self in the bed whishing and making fantasies by the phone.
    The love of her life is gone one more night and now she has to be going sleep with her wet skin.
    Inside of her head are a lot of fantasies but out side is a lot of loneliness and now she has to go sleep one more night with out having what she needs into her life. read more »

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