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  • 217.
    Mid-day misadventure

    Mid-day misadventure

    I was a student of third grade
    Was good at studies
    Used to go to school around nine thirty in the morning
    Come back home for curd rice lunc sh break
    Go back to school around two In the afternoon
    Come back home around four thirty in the evening

    A new friend joined the school in August
    It so happened he got a seat by my side
    Queries revealed he hailed from a town in south
    And likely he would leave the school by academic year end
    Later I came to know he was staying very near our place

    One afternoon as I came out of the house
    He, Sudarsanam, was waiting for me in the road
    He suggested that we would go to school through the temple
    I thought a while as it would be a longer route

    He said that we should always be on the search of new routes
    Seemingly fine, was my thinking and
    Accompanied him through the temple towards school

    He was right; the temple towers provided shade and breeze
    Which were not there while walking in the street
    As we were crossing the big tank of the temple

    He said that we would miss classes that day
    And spend some nice time in the temple
    Witnessing devotees and their offerings
    It looked a comfortable suggestion
    And I decided to spend time in the temple that afternoon
    He further said that we could make out time from the temple clock
    And could return home in the evening at the appropriate time
    Making others believe that we were in the school that afternoon

    All looked fine
    Sudarsanam had some other plans too
    He started collecting broken coconut piecess smashed on the floor
    And managed to collect bananas from some temple priest

    Really it was all fine
    He kept a watch on time
    And declared that it was time we walked back home

    I entered home with a feel of guilt
    And since no one questioned me
    I thought it was working out well
    Evening we played together
    And enjoyed the evening
    Discussing within private the wonderful afternoon

    Next day afternoon he again appeared in front of my house
    And I made out his intention
    Without a word I followed him and we took the temple route

    It was a better afternoon
    As he made available to me other tasteful offerings to the deities
    I realized that he had acquitance with a number of priests
    And proudly introduced me to them

    We returned home as if we were just back from school

    As I entered home my eldest cousin
    Stopped me
    We used to fear him as he was well known for
    Asking uncomfortable questions
    Leave alone, we younger ones, even the elders at home

    He simply asked
    How many coconut pieces you could collect this afternoon
    And how many bananas you had
    I was searching for answers
    He continued telling that
    This would be last time we saw you with this new friend
    I know what was going on that and previous day afternoons
    Attend school regularly and study well
    Were his final words

    I was telling myself
    I would never sit by the side of this friend
    Believe, I have not met him after this
    Mid-day misadventure read more »

  • 218.
    Where Is Spring?

    No school for today,
    There was no school yesterday,
    And probably no school for tomorrow;
    The children they are all glad, read more »

  • 219.

    Of the
    school's read more »

  • 220.
    Surprise in Japan - Our teachers wash our toilets

    after the lessons
    our japanese teacher washes
    the toilets we use read more »

  • 221.
    One Room School

    While traveling on vacation
    Sometimes I come across
    A one room school sitting alone
    Its hopes and dreams are lost read more »

  • 222.
    The Little Old School Room

    In a little old school room,
    In that old country school.
    Where we started to bloom,
    With the Golden Rule. read more »

  • 223.
    Mary Had A Little Lamb Rewrite

    Mary had a little lamb
    Little lamb, little lamb
    Mary had a little lamb
    Its fleece was as white as snow read more »

  • 224.
    Books >s

    School student

    Say... read more »

  • 225.
    Never Learned In School

    When I was young and went to school
    I learned my lessons well
    But in school they never taught me
    That love could be so swell read more »

  • 226.
    A Mere Freshman in High School

    As a mere freshman in high school
    I was cursed with the miracle of life
    Or an angel of death
    That was wrapped in a pink blanket. read more »

  • 227.
    Prisoners of Hope

    Then one day I saw
    The students of the school of suffering
    Wearing their tattered uniforms
    With their badge of poverty. read more »

  • 228.
    School Rap

    School Rap

    Wake up in the morning,
    See your parents frowning. read more »

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