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A Little Boy Who Became A Man! (My First Long Story) - Poem by Chom Chom

Souradeep was a really quiet boy.He didn't like to fool around with people.Instead he spent his time day dreaming.His parents were both doctors and were rich.But bit by bit they were losing it because of Souradeep's Father.His father has been fighting a case for a long time about a plot of land for almost 5 years now.
He had a brother named Rajarshi.He was a terror to Souradeep and an angel to his parents.He was very smart and so he easily caught people's attention.He was good at studies and also at sports unlike his brother who was 'good-for-nothing' as commented by his parents.Even then Souradeep loved his brother with his heart.
At last, after Souradeep continued to do bad at studies, his parents had one option: BOARDING SCHOOL.
Next day his parents strted packing his bags.His parents set him to a small school situated at the borders of the city.For the first time, a tear was seen in the corner of Souradeep's eye, he had never cried before, Even when he was beaten recklessly.His mother and father didn't like him.They were full of disgust.They only cared for rajarshi.
Atlast the time came, a huge bus had come to pick him.Soura went to hug his brother with tears in his eyes, but to his surprise his brother turned around.Sadly, he got up on the bus.The bus started moving, he was living his home, his school his friends and his family!



The boarding school, to him was hell.All he was given was some stale soup wwith a small piece of bread.It was a government boarding school.Soura's mother and father seeing their financial troubles sent him to a government school.The master of that school Mr.Ritam dutt was a cruel man.Instead of teaching his students he made them do all the house hold work like a servant.
Mr.dutt had 2 assistants named Utsav nandi a crooked faced man, and Sreyan Mullick chowdury.Both were as cruel as thier master.They kept a stern watch on the boys and whipped them.The boys didn't dare to complain because they knew that would only create more trouble for them.
One day Soura was pressing the legs of Mr.Dutt with another fellow student.The other boy looked tired and hungry.Just as he slowed down a bit a slap fell on his back.It was Utsav Nandi.He held the boy by his collar.
'When you're given a work do it carefully otherwise you will be sorry'
Saying so utsav raised his hand again but was caught by Soura who slapped across his face.Utsav staggered down and stared.Mr.Dutt was also surprised.He slowly turned towards Souradeep!


Souradeep looked down knowing he was helpless.Utsav got up and punched him, soura groaned but didn't dare to hit back.At last Mr.Dutt caught Soura by his hair and dragged him in the store room.The store room was one of the dirtiest place he has ever seen.The Master tied both of Soura's hand and gave Utsav and Sreyan the premission to kick him.Both of them smiled cunningly and started to kick him.
He had been stripped by the master earlier and the kicks were falling like the slash of whips across his back.Atlast he was left alone and they walked away.
Later at night, as he was going to sleep he heard the door opening, a little shadow creeped up and untied Soura's hand.
'Who are you? '
'I am Souryadeep, the boy whom you saved'
'You name is kind of similar to mine'
'I know but now you must go away they are planning to lock you up here for 3 days.All this happened to you because of me and I am going to get you out of it'
'Thanks'said Soura and stood up.
Before Soura left Souryadeep took out a piece of token and broke it into 2 pieces giving one to him.'My mother gave this to me before she died.It is my lucky charm, but you need it more than i do.If we keep it one day or another we will get reunited i am sure'
Saying so Souryadeep slowly opened the door.His eyes were covered with tears as he saw Soura jumping out of the fence.....


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