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My Life As A Student - Poem by Rhyme sonny

As a child, I always felt good
Because there was always food on the wood
I was the second successful product from my mother’s womanhood
And so loved by almost everybody in the neighborhood

Two years down the lane since I came from the womb
I have already started using comb
My mother use to dress me in a way which was fancy
So I found myself on every arms and laps especially Sister Nancy

At 3, I have already passed the stage of crawling
Though walking tall, I kept falling
At 4, I started Kindergarten
My best friend in school was Martin

Martin and I were both in section blue
We were taught to be true and not to play the fool
You will always find us on the school field playing “Chaskele”
Our pocket money was always budgeted for “abele”

Though very clever,
I knew it would not be the same forever
So my motto was forward ever,
Backwards never

I always thought about the future
And this made me always want to listen to my teacher
One day, I told my teacher about my future career
That I want to be an engineer

He advised me to do away with my fears
Open my ears
Be careful with my peers
And focus throughout the years

Because dreams like this easily disappears
when you develop rabbit ears
But most importantly I should settle my school fees arrears
In the school, I was among the pioneers
And also part of the group of volunteers

For my male friends, I learn to teach them and not to cheat them
And for the girls, I learn to chat with them and not touch them
High school was a different story

Senior Pozor will always make you feel sorry
Even when you mention his name to his glory
One will ask why worry
When all your needs are been provided
Making you swollen headed

Inter-schools and colleges activities
To me was like having a chunk of product from McVities
And I love those festivities

I proceeded to University of Ghana, Legon
When I first logged on
I knew I have to be strong, hold on and move on
I met John and Yvonne

They were the only ones I could rely upon
Earlier on, I have messed up with friends like Joe, a.k.a Akon
First year was rough
Second year was tough

Third year, I have to combine studies with making money
and other stuff
But when you hear from any mouth
That university education is easy
Believe me is a bluff

Ask my good friend Suzzy
And she will tell you, it is not easy but a bit cheesy
Final year, I have to forget about the class
And just focus on pass

Maxi, Sela, Ray, Kolla, miss you guys
Cindy, Tracy, Yaa, Priscy, I miss your hi’s
Thanks for wishing me well
I will also not disappoint you, I will strive and excel

Truly, life after school is a different ball game
But I promise to fight for the fame, the riches and good name

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