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Marcus Mason - Poem by Baden Ronie

NOTE: this is not a poem as such. it's a small tale with a question.
Read it and answer, what was he?

Marcus Mason was a thief, a robber, a con man and many more things, occasionally he hurt people.
A few bruises here, a broken bone or two there, you know how it is.
He was far from redemption or pity for he had chosen his path, he didnt care for the world or for the pain he caused in it, he only cared for himself, for the rush he got when he boosted a car or stole a watch.

Ironic then that Marcus Mason would commit yet another crime, a terrible one, a crime which cannot be forgiven or even accepted.

It was on a dark night that Marcus Mason has been drinking in a local pub with the money he had stolen from an old lady, he was drunk and he ventured into the night and stole a car.
Now remember kids, drinking and driving is a crime, but of course Marcus cared not, in his stolen vehicle he hammered down streets and tiny street lanes.

He saw her far too late, tiny Emma Watson, she was only 7 years old.
He stared at her broken body, watched the blood run from her mouth and watched the life fade from her eyes.
Marcus Mason had killed, commited a crime above all others, for he had killed a child.

As he fled the scene with tears streaming down his cheeks, all he could see was her body upon the ground and her lifeless eyes staring at him, burning into his soul.

Many years passed, and he always saw her, during dreams or daytime, awake or asleep he would see her.
He lived a broken man, never drinking nor stealing again.

As Marcus walked down a street he noticed a commotion at a school and ran to see.
A bomb was in the school that, if it detonated would not only destroy the school but many streets around it.
Police were herding children out of the school and many were shouting, one policemen shouted that the bomb had only a minute left and that they could not defuse it.
And so Marcus ran into the school and helped the children, trying to get them out, and as the seconds ticked away he ran to the bomb and scooped it up and ran as fast as he could to the basement, he got as deep as he could go with seconds to spare, and he calmly walked into a concrete room with the bomb and locked the door.


On that day Marcus Mason saved over 1000 school childrens lives, aged 5-12 and also saved many people who lived around the school

And yet now you must choose, what was Marcus Mason, a hero? or a murderer?
does the fact he saved a 1000 lives outwiegh the fact he took another?

i dont know, that is for you to decide.

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