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Poems About: SEA

In this page, poems on / about “sea” are listed.

  • 49.
    Beyond the Sea

    Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
    My heart is gone, far, far from me;
    And ever on its track will flee
    My thoughts, my dreams, beyond the sea. read more »

    Thomas Love Peacock
  • 50.
    Swimming in the sea

    Summertime is here
    And it is time for me to swim
    Bodies of all shapes and sizes
    Will be evident in the sea read more »

    Lee John Siebritz
  • 51.
    The Life It Once Had

    The roaring waves awakened me,
    the morning air full of mist.
    I could hear the sea calling out to me,
    its sole purpose was to exist. read more »

    Lux Lator
  • 52.
    Behold The Sea

    Behold the sea, the mighty restless sea!
    Behold the strand of battered rock and sand!
    The endless fight between the sea and man!
    Behold the sea! read more »

    Jerry Caldwell
  • 53.
    That blue sea...

    The waves are splashing against the cloud mountains
    I stop and listen as I take a drink from life's fountain.

    The clouds roll in on me so heavily read more »

  • 54.
    Song from the Ship

    To sea, to sea! The calm is o'er;
    The wanton water leaps in sport,
    And rattles down the pebbly shore;
    The dolphin wheels, the sea-cows snort, read more »

    Thomas Lovell Beddoes
  • 55.
    To Sea! To Sea!

    TO sea, to sea! The calm is o'er;
    The wanton water leaps in sport,
    And rattles down the pebbly shore; read more »

    Thomas Lovell Beddoes
  • 56.
    Oh Sailor Sails To The Shore!

    When the sea is clam
    Moon light shines thee
    Sit and think what life desire read more »

    Ezna Stephna
  • 57.
    The Boat and The Sea

    I will tell you, my Dear
    Story of the Boat and the Sea

    'Since the unknown time read more »

    Hanh My Nguyen
  • 58.
    white and black

    As the sun descends under the planet
    the moon rises as the sea crys
    bursting into tears
    not heard read more »

    Koi piano
  • 59.


    the sea saw her first
    'Oh! ' said the sea read more »

    Dónall Dempsey
  • 60.

    If you are not a good swimmer Inevitably you will drown in The roaring sea of the world, The deep and dark sea of the World is risky and dangerous, read more »

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